Weekly Astrology Forecast – August 29 – September 4, 2022

Excerpt from PatreonAlso on this date [September 3], we have the First Quarter Moon. The Moon is in Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius so there’s an emotional urge to expand, to explore, to grow, to go beyond where we have been before. With the Moon forming an opposition to Mars in Gemini, we’re fired up, ready to fight for a belief, a cause. ‘I feel a crusade coming on’ says the Moon, ticked off at angry, know-it-all voices. All the pressure falls on the Sun in Virgo who quibbles that there’s enough to do already! Also with this aspect, what works in theory may not work in practice. Still, sometimes we need to go through the process, try it again and again until we figure out a way. Whilst we might feel frustrated by this, in effect, we’re learning more about what is possible and honing our skills at the same time. Break tasks or problems down into small steps (Sun in Virgo). Stay focused on being of service and measurable improvements. We also need to discern between what is useful information and what is theoretical fluff. No running away from problems!

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29-Aug-22 No major aspects

30-Aug-22 No major aspects

31-Aug-22 Sedna stations retrograde
Acute despair over resources/money. The long haul. It’s not personal. Kindness as an antidote to bitterness. Detangling and destressing.

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01-Sep-22 Mars sextile  Jupiter
Increased motivation. Believing enough to just do it! Acting on faith. Motivators and mentors.

02-Sep-22 Venus opposite Vesta
Feeling out of alignment. The heart wants one thing, the future demands something different.  A need to balance pleasure seeking with careful examination of what is sacred. Misplaced devotion.

03-Sep-22 Mercury opposite Jupiter. First Quarter Moon in Sagittarius
The urge to run away from problems. Big ideas. Too much talking, not enough listening. A need to blend faith with facts. What works in theory may not work in practice.

04-Sep-22 Uranus square Ceres. Venus sextile Pallas
Problems with attachment and feeling unsupported. Negotiate a compromise to regain harmony.

Painting – The Expansionist (the Travelled Man) by Francis Davis Millet