Weekly Astrology Forecast – September 5 – 11, 2022

Excerpt from PatreonPallas enters Cancer on September 6. This will be an extra-long transit lasting up until May 2, 2023, as Pallas will retrograde here at the end of the year. Pallas, as intellectual warrior, finds solutions to conflicts and problems. In Cancer, these issues centre around family matters, our roots and history and we could also simply say our emotional life.

Cancer is a water sign ruled by the Moon. Certainly, there is a soft and gentle side to Cancer, the feather-like touch of a kiss to a baby’s head as it sleeps. But Cancer is also a cardinal sign, determined to get what it needs, even if it has to go all round the houses to get it. Think of the scream of a baby, demanding FEED ME NOW!!! So, in Cancer, there is a determination to act on our deepest needs and ensure they are met.

The problem however is that our needs are coloured by our experience – and whether or not our needs were met as a child. In adulthood, the inner child can still kick and scream for something it needs yet can’t name. The pre-verbal child just has a felt sense, an indefinable memory but we react every time something echoes this feeling. So, the journey of Pallas through Cancer is likely to ask us to explore all this on a deeper level because somehow it is causing conflict – inwardly or outwardly. Maybe for some, there are literal conflicts in the family, housemates arguing, or home life tumultuous for other reasons. Pallas reminds us that there are behavioural patterns at work here that aren’t helping, and we can find a resolution if we are willing to acknowledge them.

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This Week’s Major Aspects

Note – all week we have a Fixed Grand Cross in play which forms the backdrop to all other movements. This pattern is formed by Uranus opposite Hygeia at right angles to Saturn opposite Ceres. I explore this aspect pattern over on my Patreon. 

05-Sep-22 Venus enters Virgo. Juno sextile North Node
Love is a verb. A labour of love. Invest in your health. Commit to your evolution.

06-Sep-22 Pallas enters Cancer. Uranus opposite Hygeia
Problem solving involves deep emotional enquiry. Resolving conflicts at home. Cutting away from

07-Sep-22 Saturn opposite Ceres. Sun opposite Juno. Sun trine North Node
Having to grow up. Feeling uncared for or unsupported. Questions around commitment. Seeing the light.

08-Sep-22 No major aspects

09-Sep-22 No major aspects

10-Sep-22 Mercury stations retrograde. Saturn square Hygeia. Full Moon in Pisces
Review relationships. Resistance to releasing old coping mechanisms. Graceful surrender.

11-Sep-22 Sun trine Uranus
Open to change. Identity shift. Free to express yourself. Free to be me.

Painting – The Artist`s Parents by Felix Vallotton