Weekly Astrology Forecast – September 12 – 18, 2022

Excerpt from Patreon – We have the yearly opposition between the Sun and Neptune also on September 16. Oppositions naturally speak of relationships too. The Sun opposite Neptune means that not only is it difficult to see others clearly, we can’t see ourselves clearly either. We don’t see how we’re colouring others with our own projections. Neptune tends to idealise, to paint a picture with wishful thinking. Our dreams become so vivid that reality seems to pale in significance, and we feel disillusioned with mundane life. It’s all too easy to be misled or to simply mislead ourselves because we’re out of touch with reality, unwilling to see what is right in front of our nose.  Positively, under this soulful influence, we instinctively feel more forgiving, more charitable. This might be helpful if anger and frustration have been the result from the Mars T-square. However, whilst compassion is a wonderful attribute, we would be wise to keep good boundaries, otherwise, we could feel others are taking advantage.

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This Week’s Major aspects

12-Sep-22 No major aspects

13-Sep-22 No major aspects

14-Sep-22 Mars square Juno
To commit or not to commit? Pushing for an agreement or feeling pushed.

15-Sep-22 Venus opposite Juno
Needing to see a tangible demonstration of love versus a quiet glance that tells everything.
Romance versus marriage.

16-Sep-22 Venus square Mars. Sun opposite Neptune
All that we see is a dream within a dream. Projecting ideals onto others. Disappointment. Deception. Wanting what we can’t have. Having what we don’t want. Muddled.

17-Sep-22 Venus trine North Node. Jupiter square Pallas Last Quarter Moon in Gemini
Distorted patterns. A need to sort out fact from fiction to clear the mind. Follow the heart’s call towards peace and harmony.

18-Sep-22 Mercury opposite Jupiter and square Pallas. Mars sextile Chiron
Information overload. A tendency to say yes to everyone to keep the peace. Explore family dynamics. Learn from weaknesses. Having the courage to try again after being hurt.

Painting – Square of Valencia by Joaquín Sorolla