Weekly Astrology Forecast – September 19 – 25, 2022

Excerpt from PatreonThere is a little extra magic at this Mabon [Sun enters Libra – September 23] because this is also the date that the Sun and Mercury meet. This is the inferior conjunction as Mercury is retrograde and it marks the midpoint of the Mercury retrograde transit. Mind is illuminated. We receive an answer or insight or wisdom. It’s an aspect that denotes mental clarity. Whilst we still have a way to go with the retrograde period, it’s likely that after this date, we will be clearer about the meaning for this retrograde for us. I often like to think of it as this as the time when Mercury receives wisdom from Source as he sits on the throne of the Sun, then he flies back down to Earth to whisper it in our ear.

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This Week’s Major Aspects

19-Sep-22 Sun trine Pluto
Release. Shadows, endings and closure illuminated. Reclaiming ones power.

20-Sep-22 Venus trine Uranus
Encouraging freedom in relationships. Experimenting with what calls to the heart. Electric attraction. Attracted to rebellion. Modern art.

21-Sep-22 No major aspects

22-Sep-22 No major aspects

23-Sep-22 Sun enters Libra. Sun conjunct Mercury. Mercury re-enters Virgo
Equinox. Finding one’s internal equilibrium. Illumination and understanding. Figuring out what needs to be healed or improved.

24-Sep-22 Venus opposite Neptune
Enchanting. Bewitching. Unreal expectations in relationships. Unrequited love. Spending money like water. Losing oneself in art, painting, dance, film, music.

25-Sep-22 New Moon in Libra
New beginnings in relationships. A new start that resets the balance in our lives.

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