New Moon in Libra September 2022

The New Moon occurs at 22:54 (BST) on September 25, 2022, at 02°Li48′.

The New Moon in Libra initiates a reset to balance our relationships and to reconnect on an inner level to bring peace and harmony within. With giant Jupiter opposing the New Moon though, it’s all too easy to over compromise for fear of being judged. However, this lunation is also conjunct Mercury retrograde and Venus, both currently transiting the sign Virgo. It suggests that this is the time for healing conversations, a time to listen to the whisper of the heart. A wide trine from the lights to Pluto asks us to gently stand in our truth to regain equilibrium. In matters of fairness, remember to be fair to yourself as much as you are fair to others.

The Sabian symbol of this lunation is ‘The Dawn Of A New Day Reveals Everything Changed.’ This symbol asks us to turn the page and put the past in the past. Let go of yesterday’s baggage and sorrows and old stories. Every day is a clean slate with the potential for greatness (Jupiter). Every day is a new beginning. A shift of perspective may be all that is required to perceive opportunities for development that went unnoticed before. Flood your heart with light.

*****************************************************************I recorded a 40mins recording on my Patreon where I explored this chart in depth, looking at the connection to asteroid London along with a tarot reading to offer other spiritual insights. There is a written version too for those who would rather read than listen. Click here to access the New Moon in Libra reading.