Weekly Astrology Forecast September 26 – October 2, 2022

Excerpt from Patreon – Venus enters home sign Libra on September 29. Having a natural affinity to this sign, Venus works well here. As a planet associated with love and harmony, Venus in Libra seeks to get people on side through charm and good social graces. Diplomacy and tact win the affections of others in her book. As Venus is also associated with beauty too, we may find ourselves more concerned about our appearance during this time. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with a little preening, wearing favourite clothes or scents, taking care of ourselves so that we feel good in other people’s company. As long as we’re not so concerned with other people’s opinion that that we think we’re unworthy if we don’t have the right shoes, bag or other trappings. The point is to wear what makes us feel good, rather than compare ourselves to others. The shadow of Venus in Libra is constant comparison, especially when it comes to looks, money and love. But the more we compare, the further away we stray from the practice of loving kindness, not only to others but also to ourselves. We berate ourselves for not being good enough because we see ourselves in reflection rather than in reality. Love is not something we deserve, it’s something we are.

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26-Sep-22 Sun opposite Jupiter Venus trine Pluto. Mercury conjunct Venus.
Over confidence. A step too far. Over-reaching. Restless. Stay true to what you value. Speak from your heart

27-Sep-22 Mercury trine Pluto
Perception. Powerful insights and connections. A conversation that reshapes how we see things. Regenerating thinking patterns. Powerful speeches.

28-Sep-22 Mars trine Saturn
Heavy work but satisfying. Strength and discipline get the job done. Marching to orders. Obeying instruction. Patience.

29-Sep-22 Venus enters Libra. Ceres enters Virgo
A desire for partnership and cooperation. Diplomacy and compromise. Playing nice. Nurturing the body with good foods. Cherishing others by tending to small and practical needs.

30-Sep-22 No major aspects

01-Oct-22 Venus opposite Jupiter
Indulgence. Spending splurge. Partying. A huge desire for love and money. Great generosity. A tendency to give too much or over-compromise to gain other’s favour.

02-Oct-22 Mercury stations direct in Virgo
Communication snags begin to clear. Waiting for the final piece to fall into place. Looking at everything through a microscope.

Painting – Ceres by Raquel Forner