Weekly Astrology Forecast – October 3 – 9, 2022

Excerpt from Patreon – On October 5, Vesta stations direct in Aquarius. Vesta stands for focus, devotion, sacred duty. As hearth-Goddess too, she both guards and represents the eternal inner fire. Through her ministry, we keep the inner light alive. Her passage through Aquarius favours humanitarian causes, prizes group interactions and formation, honours the spirit of innovation, diversity and progress.  In backward motion, Vesta asked us to look within, to see where we may have become jaded or stuck or resistant to change. Perhaps too, we needed to liberate ourselves from tangled associations or unrealistic ideals that have smothered our unique qualities. Vesta in Aquarius fosters radical shifts of consciousness that ultimately benefit the community. Now that the retrograde period is over, hopefully we feel freer to experiment with new ideas and concepts and create our ideal future.

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03-Oct-22 First Quarter Moon in Capricorn
Career clashes with relationships. Creating better structures to support alliances. Maintaining integrity to keep our balance. Releasing burdens.

04-Oct-22 No major aspects

05-Oct-22 Vesta stations direct
The inner fire is stoked by new ideas. Innovation is sacred. Honouring group connections and causes.

06-Oct-22 Sun square Pallas
Feeling out of step with our normal mode of being. Feeling uncomfortable about showing our skills or strategies. A need to embrace a holistic approach.

07-Oct-22 Mercury trine Pluto. Sun opposite Chiron
Fear of rejection. Abandonment issues. Afraid that others will see our weaknesses. Intimate conversation around difficult subjects changes our thinking. Truth and discernment. Finding the missing piece.

08-Oct-22 Pluto stations direct
Demolition complete. Inner blocks to change reduced or destroyed. Time to move ahead with transforming the shape of our reality.

09-Oct-22 Full Moon in Aries
Full Moon conjunct Chiron – Illumination of what makes us strong versus what makes us weak. The courage to heal. Addressing issues of identity and difference. Following our own path whilst remaining connected to those who matter.

Painting – Early October by Willard Metcalf