Full Moon in Aries October 2022

The Full Moon occurs at 21:54 (BST) on October 9, 2022, at 16°Ar32′.

Excerpt from Patreon – At the Full moon in Aries, we may be filled with the fire of desire. Aries is ruled by passionate Mars. Aries wants independence, an adventure, new lands to pioneer, fresh challenges to conquer. Aries needs something to fight for. As this is the peak of the lunar cycle, this is a culmination, an ending or perhaps we could say boiling point given the hot and fiery side to this sign. There’s a burning hot issue that must be addressed so that we can release what we no longer need to help us with our mission. Perhaps for some, it’s a painful ending of something that has kept us feeling weak. As the Full Moon is conjunct Chiron, this tells us that the prime mission is to heal or to find ways to accept that which cannot be healed.

Effectively, this lunation is triggering the ongoing Chiron in Aries transit, a long transit that will take around nine years altogether. Chiron is working on our individual wounds, making us aware of how the wounded masculine is playing a part in our troubles, asks us to look at our anger and note where we’re triggered. Chiron in Aries tells us that those things that we desire push us towards healing – and sometimes they push us to be a maverick too – to dare to be unique and different – just as Chiron is half man, half horse. Chiron in Aries is everyone’s own shamanic journey, piecing themselves together again and again. Life hurts and it feels personal and so we must be proactive (Aries) about fixing what we can.

Chiron is also a mentor who shows us that often what we perceive is a weakness can actually be turned into a strength. Aries is ruled by warrior God Mars, so under Aries influence, the last thing we want to do is admit where we feel vulnerable. And yet it is precisely this, admitting vulnerability, which is the gateway to healing, not only ourselves but our relationships with each other.

I recorded a 39mins global astro-tarot reading for this lunation over on my Patreon where I discussed the chart aspects in full along with commentary of asteroid Psyche and the Sabian symbol. If you would like to join and listen (a written version is available too), please click this link.

Painting – The Flame (Goddess of Fire) by Odilon Redon