Weekly Astrology Forecast – October 10 – 16, 2022

Except from Patreon – And this brings me to Venus opposite Chiron, exact on October 10. This aspect was part of the Full Moon picture, and the Sun is still travelling close to Venus. If like me you are currently experiencing a Chiron transit, then these connections from the Sun and Venus are likely triggering it. An opposition naturally speaks of relationships – as does Venus. The struggle with this aspect is that we can end up feeling like the grass is greener – I want your life! In comparison to others, we find ourselves wanting. Money matters, values, relationships – when we look at ourselves through the eyes of others, it seems like something is broken. Now in some cases of course, perhaps there is some healing to do – or a little fixing up. It’s not a problem to honestly acknowledge where the scales are tipped not in your favour. Indeed, Chiron can provide us with the motivation we need to be proactive and figure out the remedy to our problems. But if we’re so focused on our weak points and worries that we can’t see any good at all, then that is also a balance that needs to be readdressed.

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10-Oct-22 Venus opposite Chiron
Heartache. Feeling vulnerable around love or money matters. Special connections that facilitate heart-healing.

11-Oct-22 Mercury enters Libra. Mars trine Vesta. Venus square Pallas
Deja-vu. Diplomatic communications. Motivated to focus. Creating a truly peaceful environment rather than surface cleaning.

12-Oct-22 Mars square Neptune. Mercury opposite Jupiter. Sun trine Saturn.
Mental overwhelm. Unsure of goals. Distracted from the mission. Wasted efforts. Or breaking a sweat to create a masterpiece. Focus on what can be accomplished today. Accountability and integrity.

13-Oct-22 No major aspects

14-Oct-22 Venus trine Saturn
Mature relationships. Leaning towards commitment. Long-term investment. Financial advice.

15-Oct-22 No major aspects

16-Oct-22 Sun trine Vesta
An appeal to the heart. Focusing on what speaks to you. Emphasis on what makes you feel free. Celebrate uniqueness.

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