Weekly Astrology Forecast – October 24 – 30, 2022

Excerpt from Patreon – Jupiter’s re-entry into Pisces on October 28 is a major shift. Yes, it dials down the heat in some ways, but it also increases uncertainty. Jupiter will be on the anaretic, critical, final degree of Pisces until November 13 so we might anticipate a huge surge in wondering where our future is headed. Look to the house where Jupiter is travelling in your own chart for direction on where you may need more faith and less confusion in your life. Maybe too, there is a gentle push to dream a bigger dream (without going overboard!). Stretch your idea of what is possible. Don’t allow disillusion and escapism to wash away your joy.  Find your meaning.

Jupiter will continue going backwards through Pisces until November 23. After covering the last two degrees of this sign once again in forward motion, Jupiter will then leave Pisces for good (in this cycle) on December 20, when it re-enters Aries in direct motion. There may be some fireworks of all kinds as we move towards the last weeks of 2022.

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24-Oct-22 No major aspects

25-Oct-22 Solar Eclipse in Scorpio
Secrets revealed. Toxic material waste dump. An important new start which leads to profound change.

26-Oct-22 Mercury trine Vesta
A meeting of minds. Conversation rekindles excitement for the future. Innovative ideas.

27-Oct-22 Mercury trine Mars and square Pluto
Abusive language. Obsession. Mentally trying to control everything. Outer forces stimulate brave decisions. Passionate communication facilitates change.

28-Oct-22 Jupiter Rx re-enters Pisces
Great uncertainty and confusion. Waves of compassion. A search for divine connection. Finding faith.

29-Oct-22 Venus trine Juno. Mercury enters Scorpio
Spiritual bonds. Marrying creative ideas into a cohesive whole. Deep thinking. Heightened perception. Intense connection.

30-Oct-22 Mars stations retrograde
A reassessment of motivation and goals. Challenging communication matters. Think before you act. Slow down.

Painting – Solar Eclipse in Feodosia by Ivan Aivazovsky