Mars Retrograde in Gemini – Oct 2022 – Jan 2023

Excerpt from Patreon – Mars entered the shadow zone of its upcoming retrograde on September 3, 2022. Mars will station retrograde in Gemini on October 30, 2022 and remain in backward motion until January 12, 2023. Mars will exit the shadow zone on March 16, 2023. All dates and aspects are given as a list at the end of this post.

In Gemini territory, it’s all about what we know, how we think and how we communicate that to others. With all the associations with Mars – war, weapons, goals, passion, energy – we can see how Mars in Gemini is likely to relate to words as weapons, passionate (or aggressive) communication, quick thinking (or impulsive decision making), shooting one’s mouth off – or talking about ‘shooters’. ‘Shoot first, ask questions later’ is a Mars in Gemini motto! Talking about guns, how we defend ourselves, how we fight – all these issues arise with Mars in Gemini.

Back in my Patreon post on the Astrology for 2022, posted way before the Ukraine War began, I discussed that Mars in Gemini could be read as ‘war talk’. Gemini is connected to neighbours through its association to the 3rd house. In the global chart, ‘neighbours’ speaks of countries that are side by side, and Mars relates to the military and soldiers. So yes, conflicts between neighbouring countries can certainly be an expression of this transit.

Mars in Gemini may also bring up issues connected to siblings, local transport systems, newspapers and mail. In the UK, there are lots of strikes in these areas such as post-office staff, teachers and train strikes. Gemini is connected to the hands so Mars retrograde in Gemini could be a time when many will ‘down tools’.

Generally, there could be a feeling that we are being attacked by information from all sides. Computer viruses may be prevalent during this time – or the use and abuse of misinformation could also be part of the problem. We may need to be extra careful about where we are getting our information from. Something about ‘connections’ is challenged – whether it is the people we are connected to or the pipe or the cables. Something isn’t working, the connection is on the fritz and threatening to burn out. As with any retrograde, the push is to internalise, to go within and explore. The biggest questions right now are – what’s my motivation? What do I want? What am I fighting for? What do I want to win?

Over on my Patreon, I have posted a huge amount of material on this transit to help you navigate through it. Click on any of the following links to join my Patreon. All posts are written aside from the altar tour but it does have subtitles for those who need it. The ‘magic and intention’ post contains optimum dates for working magically with this transit, journaling prompts plus altar suggestions and correspondences (herbs, animals, crystals etc.) for Mars.

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03-Sep-22 Mars enters the shadow zone
30-Oct-22 Mars stations retrograde
19-Nov-22 Mars square Neptune
28-Nov-22 Mars trine Saturn
29-Nov-22 Mercury opposite Mars
01-Dec-22 Venus opposite Mars
08-Dec-22 Sun opposite Mars (Full Moon activation)
19-Dec-22 Mars sextile Chiron
29-Dec-22 Mercury stations retrograde (noted because Mercury rules Gemini)
09-Jan-23 Venus trine Mars
12-Jan-23 Mars stations direct
16-Mar-23 Mars exits the shadow zone

Painting – Detail from Mars and Rhea Silvia by Peter Paul Rubens