Weekly Astrology Forecast – October 31 – November 6, 2022

Excerpt from Patreon – The week begins with the Pagan festival of Samhain in the Northern Hemisphere on October 31 and of course the modern version of Halloween. Whilst the latter is highly commercialised, it has its roots in the former which was exported to America from Europe. Traditionally, this is a time to honour the dead, remember loved ones who have passed, remember too our ancestors, stretching back through time – thousands upon thousands. All these people somehow found one another, connected, mated, produced a child and then again and again and again until here you are – wow, how magical is that!

At Samhain, I read the list of names of my grandmothers, back to the 16th century, making sure they know they are not forgotten, even if I never knew them in life. This is also a time to give thanks for the last harvest, the bounty of Mother Earth. Technically, astrological Samhain occurs in the midst of Scorpio season, when the Sun hits 15 degrees of Scorpio. This year that will be on November 7.

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31-Oct-22 Sun trine Juno. Ceres trine North Node
Deep bonds and soul contracts illuminated. Offerings and kindness. Nurturing recognition of the smallest good in the world to dispel the negatives.

01-Nov-22 First Quarter Moon in Aquarius Mars trine Vesta
A need for freedom vies with a desire for control/closeness. Focus on what makes you feel spiritually strong.

02-Nov-22 No major aspects

03-Nov-22 Venus conjunct South Node. Mercury trine Juno. Neptune trine Pallas
Letting go of past loves or attachments. Talking about commitment. Transcending old patterns through compassion and forgiveness.

04-Nov-22 Venus sextile Ceres
A mother’s love. Love for Mother Earth. Attracted to maternal figures. An opportunity to grow money.

05-Nov-22 Sun conjunct South Node Venus opposite Uranus
Release the old you – or the person you thought you were. Reclaim the truth of your soul. Clarity around the past. Maintain inner harmony in the face of unpredictable happenings.

06-Nov-22 Mercury conjunct South Node
Let go of unhealthy mindsets. Release old stories.

Painting – Daughters of the Mist by Evelyn De Morgan