Weekly Astrology Forecast – November 7 – 13, 2022

Excerpt from Patreon -Self-doubt comes flooding back on November 11 though, when the Sun forms a square to Saturn. We’ve been challenged with love or money issues, communication issues and now it seems like we’re the problem! It’s not the case at all but Saturn can feel like a stern, finger-wagging authority figure saying no, no, no, not like that! The fear of disapproval weighs heavy over us. Internal conditioning that we received growing up, combined with societal expectations rain down upon us. We might find ourselves wandering around like a cartoon character with our own private little black cloud, unless we take a moment to realise that negativity isn’t helping anything or anyone. Yes, sometimes life is tough. Yes, sometimes we need to be reminded of our limits. Yes, we need to be realistic. But it doesn’t mean all is lost and we’re in any way inferior to anyone else. Own your authority.


07-Nov-22 Venus square Saturn
Tough love. Feeling denied or shut out. Relationships take work. Value what you have to offer.

08-Nov-22 Lunar Eclipse in Taurus (conjunct Uranus). Sun conjunct Mercury
Overshadowed by events connected to security or money. Brilliant ideas in the midst of madness.

09-Nov-22 Mercury and Sun opposite Uranus
A shock to the nervous system. Everything is unpredictable. Leaving room to change plans at the last moment. Relinquishing control.

10-Nov-22 Mercury square Saturn. Venus trine Neptune
Hard conversations. The silent treatment. Troubled thoughts. Send out love. Everything is connected. Art your way through problems.

11-Nov-22 Sun square Saturn
Self-doubt. Realising limits. A push to go beyond self-imposed limits. The weight of responsibility.

12-Nov-22 Mercury trine Neptune
Mental relaxation. Imaginative ideas. Long conversations. Meditation and prayer.

13-Nov-22 Venus sextile Pluto
Deepening intimacy. Love is an agent of change.

Painting – The Gate within The City walls by Grant Wood