Lunar Eclipse in Taurus – November 2022

The Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse occurs at 11:02 (UT) on November 8, 2022. The Moon will be at 16TAU00.

This lunation brings us to an important conclusion, crisis or culmination, centred around matters connected to financial and emotional security, resources and values. The Moon is directly conjunct rebellious, innovative, progressive, weird Uranus so this is a somewhat uncomfortable combination. Uranus is a mover and shaker bringing shocks and surprises. Earthquakes, literal or metaphorical, are likely to be a theme of this lunar eclipse chart. This disruptive influence serves as an awakening as to what needs to be upgraded or changed. This is a piercing alarm bell that cannot be ignored. Resistance to change will only cause anxiety. It’s time to leave the comfort zone and get unstuck. Explore new paths, try different methodologies, embrace alternative perspectives.

With the Moon opposing the Sun, Mercury and Venus all in Scorpio and conjunct the South Node, we are asked to put aside egos, greed and old stories that no longer serve us. This eclipse reveals where we have been lied to, or where we have been lying to ourselves. With secrets unearthed and shadows released, the gift is freedom. Trust begins with truth. The future starts now.

I recorded a 41mins global astro-tarot reading over on my Patreon where I discussed the aspects of the eclipse in depth along with discussion on the placement of asteroids Niobe, Neowise, Einstein, Pounds and Pinocchio in this chart. If you would like to listen/read, please click here to join my Patreon.


Painting – A Cornfield by Moonlight with the Evening Star by Samuel Palmer