Weekly Astrology Forecast November 14 – 20, 2022

Excerpt from PatreonNovember 19 sees the second square between Mars retrograde and Neptune perfect. Maybe all we want to do is sit down and rest, but minds are racing. It’s a curious combination. On the one hand this aspect is perfect for spiritual work, creativity and compassion. On the other hand, we might feel like we’ve lost the point as to why we’re doing, what we’re doing. Passive aggression is common with this planetary combination as holy Neptune tries to evade direct confrontation whilst Mars wants to go in all guns blazing. We need to find a peaceful way to voice any issues or make peace with that which cannot be changed. If we go off half-cocked, we may miss our target altogether.

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14-Nov-22 Mercury trine Pallas
Diplomatic negotiations facilitate change. Thinking strategically.

15-Nov-22 Mercury sextile Pluto. Venus trine Jupiter Sun trine Neptune.
Truth-telling. Honest conversation. Therapy. Be generous with your heart. Forgive yourself.

16-Nov-22 Venus enters Sagittarius. Last Quarter Moon in Leo. Mercury trine Jupiter
Love is an adventure. Loosen the reins. Attracted to different people, places and cultures. Storytelling. Life is complex, protect your inner child.

17-Nov-22 Mercury enters Sagittarius
Positive outlook. Inspired to learn. Foreign languages. Too many ideas/books/voices. Scattered thinking.

18-Nov-22 Sun sextile Pluto
Personal transformation. Digging deep to reclaim your power. A strong sense of purpose.

19-Nov-22 Mars square Neptune
Too tired. Dispirited. Misdirected anger. Uncertain of goals. Let intuition guide your actions.

20-Nov-22 Vesta enters Pisces
Spiritual focus. Sleep and rest are sacred. Dedication to deity. Finding meaning through being of service.

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