Weekly Astrology Forecast November 21 – 27, 2022

Excerpt from Patreon – Also on the same date [November 21], Mercury and Venus meet in Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius. This is the old ‘house of God’. It feels like a cosmic kiss, a blessing from the Gods themselves. Maybe it’s the sign we were looking for, a feather or word or other synchronicity that speaks immediately to the heart. I experience this a lot and there’s a specific feeling that arises when you recognise that some intelligent presence is interacting with you, communicating with you. Yes, the mind sees it but it’s the heart that recognises it for what it is. At a more basic level, this connection could also speak of love letters from abroad or faraway places, good news from faraway friends. Or this could stimulate a love of learning that sees us heading down to the library or bookshop.

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21-Nov-22 Sun trine Jupiter. Mercury conjunct Venus
Expand your world. Seek out experiences that promote growth. Unite heart and mind.

22-Nov-22 Sun enters Sagittarius
Get ready for an adventure. Broaden your horizons. Travel. Learn. Philosophise. Ponder big questions. What is your truth?

23-Nov-22 New Moon in Sagittarius. Jupiter stations direct
A new journey calls. The tide is turning. Wait for the right moment to launch. Have faith.

24-Nov-22 No major aspects

25-Nov-22 Mercury trine Chiron
Focus on mental health. Use words that affirm strength and courage.

26-Nov-22 Venus trine Chiron
Healing heartache. Healthy relationships. The first step to healing is to drop into your heart.

27-Nov-22 No major aspects

Painting – Faith (‘La Foi’) by Ary Scheffer