New Moon in Sagittarius November 2022

Excerpt from Patreon – The New Moon occurs at 22:57 (UT) on November 23, 2022, at 1°Sa37′.

The sign Sagittarius is symbolised by a centaur aiming a bow and arrow upwards. The glyph itself is the arrow, it’s target the heart of the Scorpion – the preceding sign. In Sagittarius then, we have a strong urge to look up, aim high, touch the Gods, discover the mysteries of the cosmos, know the absolute truth. If Scorpio is death, then Sagittarius is the afterlife! This is a sign filled with spiritual fire, always on the move, always consuming knowledge in the hunt for truth. After going down into the world of Hades (or the bowels of hell) with its boiling emotions and intense transformative energies, no wonder we have a desire for wide open skies and a loose rein! Sagittarius energy is excitable. Anything and everything looks exciting. There’s so MUCH to discover and this is of course a wonderful feeling. But sometimes too, it can become so scattered that little is achieved. In shadow, Sagittarius is a crusader teaching the ‘one true God’ when in truth there are many gods – and none. The 9th house explores how the world shifts according to our beliefs. Our beliefs can either limit us or allow us to grow.

The global 9th house is connected to international communications, long distance travel and transport systems and foreign affairs. This is also the part of the chart connected to the law courts, laws, morality, philosophy, university level education and beyond. This is gurus and priests, the Church and other religions that are based on a ‘good book’ or similar. This is manmade faith and the driving search to know what God knows. The Tower of Babel always makes me think of Sagittarius.

So, when we come to the New Moon in Sagittarius, this new beginning in the lunar cycle says, what more is there to discover? It’s time to set the seed – or perhaps we could use a more appropriate analogy and say, it’s time to relight the inner flame! What adventure do you feel inspired to go on? Where do you want to travel to? What countries and cultures excite you and challenge your thinking? How do you see yourself and the world and is that perspective helpful or harmful – to you and to others? What do you need to do now to give yourself broader scope, greater opportunity and to feel like lady luck is on your side? What more can you learn and experience? Where do you simply need to have more faith and what can you do to cultivate that? Who told you what to believe and why and do you continue to believe that?

The Sabian symbol of the New Moon is White-capped Waves Display The Power Of Wind Over Sea.

Symbolically speaking, water is about our emotions and the wind, as a product of air, is connected to the mind. So here we have an image of a calm sea being whipped up by the wind. Remember again, Mercury is in Sagittarius and out of bounds. The wind is buffering ideas this way and that, whipping up our emotions. We need to be aware of what our thoughts are saying to us. We need to calm the mind to listen to our intuition. That said, we could also say that we also need to use our mental powers to drive us – after all, every sailboat needs a breeze to carry it across the sea. A calm focused mind will help us arrive at our destination much faster.

I recorded a 30mins astro-tarot reading for this lunation over on my Patreon where I discussed the chart in depth along with commentary on the placement of asteroids Aurora, Madhatter and Hera. A written version is available too. Click here to join my Patreon to access the post 

Painting – La Tour De Babel by Tobias Verhaecht