Weekly Astrology Forecast – November 28 – December 4, 2022

Excerpt from Patreon – The final day of the week sees Neptune station direct on December 4, just as Venus forms a square to Neptune. Venus is also still in an opposition to Mars, so this pattern forms a tense T-Square. Neptune stationing tells us that it’s time to dream a new dream, let go of that which is unachievable and focus on a vision that is possible to bring into reality. But Venus doesn’t want to let go of the romance. It’s like waking up after a beautiful dream but keeping your eyes squeezed shut, desperately trying to get back to it despite the blare of the alarm. It’s no use getting angry at the world or feeling disappointed if we’re demanding the impossible. Maybe Life holds something even better than we imagined. Send out unconditional love. Pray. Let yourself be inspired by what is possible. A solar trine to Chiron on the same day tells us that we are still whole despite our faults and scars and life is perfectly imperfect. Life can be painful, but suffering is optional.

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28-Nov-22 Mars trine Saturn
Fortification. Hard work produces results. Take your goals seriously. Manage energy levels.

29-Nov-22 Mercury opposite Mars
Arguments. Mental frustrations. Shooting one’s mouth off. Avoid snap decisions. Pause before responding.

30-Nov-22 Mercury sextile Saturn. First Quarter Moon in Pisces
Sensible thinking. Authentic communication. Learning from elders. A need to reconnect with what is truly meaningful rather than chasing every shiny thing.

01-Dec-22 Venus opposite Mars
Opposites attract. Kiss chase. Passions running high. Relationship stress. What we want and what we need are at odds. Compromise needed.

02-Dec-22 Mercury square Neptune. Venus sextile Saturn
Clueless. Befuddled. Mentally lost. Vulnerable to deception. Shields up! Don’t let yourself be swayed. Approach love with maturity. Manage expectations.

03-Dec-22 Mercury square Ceres
Pay attention to how different food affects your thinking. A need to balance not enough information with too much.

04-Dec-22 Venus square Neptune. Neptune stations direct. Sun trine Chiron
High ideas. Overly romantic. In love with love. Let go of the mirage. Embrace reality. Focus on what is possible. You are enough.

Painting – Wave by Ivan Aivazovsky