Weekly Astrology Forecast December 5 – 11, 2022

It’s a big week ahead astrologically speaking with a powerful Full Moon that also marks the midpoint of the Mars retrograde period on December 8. Care is needed that we don’t over-react amidst such heady, triggering energies. Both Mercury and Venus will conjoin the Galactic centre, flooding us with cosmic consciousness and putting us in touch with the bigger picture. Mercury and Venus will also square Jupiter, all on anaretic degrees, generating mental overwhelm and an urgent desire to find peace and harmony amidst life’s turbulence.

Still, with both Mercury and Venus entering Capricorn this week, eventually we will reach a steadier place where we can manage our hearts and minds more effectively. Under this sensible influence, we’re more able to accept that some things are unknowable, some questions unanswerable. Remember all the trials you have overcome to give you mental strength and spiritual fortitude. Efforts made now to improve circumstances will pay off in the end. Keep going.

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05-Dec-22 Venus conjunct Hygeia
Heart healing. Know what is good for you

06-Dec-22 Mercury square Jupiter. Mercury enters Capricorn
Mental overwhelm and a desire to say yes to any and all opportunities. Curb the enthusiasm. Take time to define what you need and want.

07-Dec-22 Venus square Ceres. Sun square Juno
The heart’s call for fun vies with a strong need to improve mundane circumstances. Reconnect with the present moment. Sit with your feelings to find out where to place your commitment.

08-Dec-22 Full Moon in Gemini. Sun opposite Mars. Pluto trine Ceres. Uranus sextile Juno
A strong push to make a decision. A desire for connection. Opposition to ideas produces frustration. Triggered. Angry. Guard against impulsiveness. Divorce ideals that make you disillusioned with life. Unconditional love frees the soul.

09-Dec-22 Venus square Jupiter
An abundance of good opportunities but difficulty with choosing what feels right. Feeling an urgency to take everything on offer in case anything is taken away. Over-giving. Over-taking. Ask your heart what truly brings you joy.

10-Dec-22 Venus enters Capricorn
Discernment. Relationships mature. Clear boundaries around money and partnership.

11-Dec-22 Mercury sextile Vesta
Mentally aligned to spiritual focus. Concentration. Leaving space for others to express their concerns. Talking is sacred.

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