Weekly Astrology Forecast December 12 – 18, 2022

We have a strong T-Square pattern in play all week between Ceres opposite Jupiter with both square to Hygeia. It brings in themes of feast and famine. Frustration builds as we look to what we have and what we want and perceive what seems to be a gap getting wider and wider. Jupiter tugs at our heart strings, fantasies build, ideals inspire. But Ceres tells us we must focus on the now, attend to daily life, boring or not! Hygeia can solve the quarrel, counselling that we must heal our beliefs about the future. It’s time to acclimatise ourselves to ‘foreign’ ideas, places or perspectives, align with truths that calm dis-ease. Consider what type of preventative action is needed to ward off disappointment. With the Sun also square Neptune this week, there’s a tendency to mislead ourselves or to feel defeated at the first hurdle. Lean into the Sun-Saturn sextile that suggests a slow and practical approach. Manage your expectations.

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12-Dec-22 Sun sextile Saturn. Mercury enters the shadow zone.
A steadying influence. An invitation to finish what you started. Maturity. The wisdom of experience. Pay attention to thoughts and conversations that occur as these themes will be revisited later.

13-Dec-22 No major aspects

14-Dec-22 Sun square Neptune
Feeling unseen and unacknowledged. Invisible. Confused about who you are. Easily misled. Self-delusion. Tiredness. Rest and meditate to reconnect.

15-Dec-22 Mercury square Chiron. Mercury trine North Node
Struggling to articulate ideas. Information is missing or wrong. Pain distorts perspective. Thinking in practical terms opens the way to greater security.

16-Dec-22 Last Quarter Moon in Virgo. Venus sextile Vesta
Attend to details but don’t lose sight of the big picture. Listen to the sacred call of your heart.

17-Dec-22 Mercury trine Uranus
Embrace new perspectives. Performing old tasks and routines in a new way.

18-Dec-22 Jupiter opposite Ceres. Ceres enters Libra
Feast or famine. Torn between ideals and reality. Emptiness. Empty nest. Nurture relationships with others for life to flourish.

The Knight of Cups from the Legend Arthurian Tarot by Anna Marie Ferguson.

Painting – Demeter Mourning for Persephone by Evelyn De Morgan