Weekly Astrology Forecast December 19 – 25, 2022

Finally, it’s Christmas week! Amidst all the festivities is Jupiter’s booming re-entry into Aries, rather like Santa himself raining down gifts from on high. The ingress returns us to projects and hopes that began in May then stalled as the great sky God disappeared back into the waters of Pisces. Still, after the soul searching comes a renewed sense of vigour, a drive to believe in ourselves, a huge desire to start afresh. The New Moon in Capricorn too, pushes us to begin long term projects, to find a new mountain to climb. But we must be aware of Jupiter’s square to the New Moon as there can be a tendency to take on too much, to pick the biggest and most challenging mountain just because we can! Know your limits. Resist the urge to say yes to everything. Give thanks for what you have right now.

Merry Yuletide and Christmas to all those who are celebrating!

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19-Dec-22 Venus square Chiron. Mars sextile Chiron A reluctance to commit. Uneasy. Feeling wary of being hurt again. Unpick old stories. Initiate healing. Test your strength.

20-Dec-22 Venus trine North Node. Jupiter enters Aries The heart knows the way. Believe in yourself!

21-Dec-22 Sun enters Capricorn Solstice blessings. The turn of the season. A time for consolidation and commitment. Give yourself permission to be you.

22-Dec-22 Venus trine Uranus. Sun square Jupiter. Attracted to new and different people, places and experiences. The awakening heart. Bowled over by happiness. Over-stretching yourself.

23-Dec-22 New Moon in Capricorn. Chiron stations direct The seed point of a new long-term endeavour. Understanding limits. Realising that it’s time to get strong again after a period of emotional/mental convalescence.

24-Dec-22 Jupiter semi-square Uranus Edgy excitement. Big hopes for the future. Restlessness. An opportunity for freedom that comes at a price.

25-Dec-22 Mercury sextile Neptune Forgiveness and compassion. Long conversations. Relax the mind. Music and poetry.

Painting – Children by the Christmas tree by Leopold Graf von Kalckreuth