Weekly Astrology Forecast – December 26 – January 1, 2023

As we come to the end of the year, the focus turns to our work, commitments and relationships. Both Venus and Mercury will square Eris this week and as Mercury is stationing retrograde, the connection to Eris lingers for the entire week. There’s a discordant note that we cannot ignore. Something somewhere is triggering unease. As Mercury changes direction, so do we – backstepping, reviewing, trying to find our way back to harmony. There are questions over who and what we want to commit to for the long term. The skies hint that a change of heart may be coming so it’s best to hold space for reflection and quiet discussion. Give it time for the situation to unfold and for the full picture to emerge.

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26-Dec-22 Vesta sextile North Node
Spiritual focus brings intuitive prompts. The way is open if we listen.

27-Dec-22 Mercury square Eris. Neptune conjunct Juno. Venus opposite Pallas
Idealism and high expectations in relationships. A bad apple. Discordant communications. Exploring ways to make peace.

28-Dec-22 Venus sextile Neptune and Juno
Softer vibrations. Relax. Let your heart lead. Practice unconditional love. Forgiveness brings an opportunity for commitment.

29-Dec-22 Venus square Eris. Mercury stations retrograde. Mercury conjunct Venus.
Three’s a crowd. Outside interference prompting internal reflection. Finding a way to keep the peace when trouble is at the door.

30-Dec-22 First Quarter Moon in Aries. Mercury sextile Juno
A need for courageous action. Autonomy. Chaffing against the rules. Manage your energy levels. Think about what you can truly commit to.

31-Dec-22 Mercury square Eris
The blame game. Maybe it’s nobody’s fault. Pay attention to what comes up. Reframe the problem so that it becomes a lesson.

01-Jan-23 Venus conjunct Pluto
A change of heart. Relationships evolve. Deep and powerful love. Truth and trust.

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