Weekly Astrology Forecast – January 2 – 8, 2023

We have our first lunation of the year with the Full Moon in Cancer this week. Matters connected to home and family and what it means to feel safe and supported are uppermost. But we also have a repeating story  that asks us to explore our self-image and to enquire whether we have been holding ourselves back because we feel weak or at fault or incapable. Old wounds require some TLC. The movement of Venus into Aquarius along with trines from the Sun-Mercury conjunction to Uranus all point to a lightbulb moment that liberates our thinking. Now there is a bridge between the old you and the new you. Suddenly, there is a tantalising scent of new experiences to savour, new people to encounter. The heart swells with gratitude – as does perhaps our social circle. With all these good people around, maybe there is a way through those blockages or problems after all. A dream that began back in May 2022 is about to be realised, perhaps a smaller version of what we first hoped for but nonetheless important. Sometimes all we need is a little confirmation that the universe is listening. Be alert to sudden downloads.

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02-Jan-23 Sun square Chiron and trine North Node Mercury sextile Neptune.
Feeling at fault or unable. Doubt and dwelling on mistakes. An opportunity to stop being so hard on yourself. See yourself as whole. Relax the mind to receive higher wisdom.

03-Jan-23 Venus enters Aquarius. Uranus sextile Vesta
Attracted to new people and experiences. A love of friendship and get-togethers. The freedom to devote your time and energy as you see fit.

04-Jan-23 Venus sextile Jupiter
Generosity. Heart-warming experiences. Spread love. Give thanks.

05-Jan-23 Sun trine Uranus. Mercury opposite Pallas
Seeing yourself in a new way. Mental resistance to peace-making measures. Keep talking.

06-Jan-23 Saturn semi-sextile Neptune. Venus trine Ceres. Full Moon in Cancer
A sprinkle of manifestation magic. Concrete evidence of a dream becoming real. Motherly love. Heightened focus on issues/decisions around home and family.

07-Jan-23 Sun conjunct Mercury sextile Vesta
A lightbulb moment that brings a sense of connection to the inner fire. Finally knowing what is sacred.

08-Jan-23 Pluto sextile Juno. Sun opposite Pallas. Mercury trine Uranus
Potent agreements. Deep commitment. A mental shift of awareness that brings together the old you with the new you.

Painting – Landscape with moon by Isaac Levitan