Weekly Astrology Forecast January 9 – 15, 2023

Many of the aspects this week point to an assessment of our relationships. Venus reaches out to Mars, connecting the lovers of the zodiac. Old flames, new acquaintances, questions around what it means to be a friend are all in the air. Mars, stationing direct, also brings an end to a troubling dilemma or conflict but we may not see evidence of a shift for another couple of weeks until Mars leaves his station degree. One last time – patience, patience, patience.

Another challenging story of the week surrounds how we deal with differences between us, how far we will go to keep the peace or maintain our integrity. The last turn in the lunar cycle at the end of the week suggests we need to keep healthy boundaries and give ourselves permission to stand by our truth.

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09-Jan-23 Venus trine Mars Retrograde
The attraction factor. A heart-stopping moment. Brief encounters. The courage to form new connections.

10-Jan-23 No major aspects

11-Jan-23 Venus square North Node. Mercury square Chiron. Eris stations direct
Old relationships karma comes calling. A need to talk about what hurts. Acknowledge the elephant in the room.

12-Jan-23 Venus sextile Chiron. Mars stations direct
Relationship healing. Appreciating peace and harmony even in an imperfect world. Standing to attention. Mission ready. Awaiting instruction.

13-Jan-23 Juno enters Aries. Mercury trine North Node. Sun sextile Neptune
Taking the lead in relationships. Asking for what you want. Important conversations with higher-ups. Realising your limits whilst embracing your unlimited imagination.

14-Jan-23 No major aspects

15-Jan-23 Venus square Uranus. Last Quarter Moon in Libra
Feeling disconnected or dismissed. Needing something new in a relationship. Boredom. Career issue clash with partnerships. Troubles with alliances. Healthy boundaries and respect create an anchor in the storm.

Tarot – Ten of Water Foxhaxa Tarot

Painting – Friendship by Mikalojus Konstantinas Ciurlionis