New Moon in Aquarius – January 2023

The New Moon occurs at 20:53 (UT) on January 21, 2023. The Moon and Sun will be at 01AQU32.

At this lunation, we’re pressed to set seeds of intention to create a fresh start. Friends and networks, hopes and ideals for the future, freedom and innovation, all these themes are brought front and centre. As the Moon is in an out of sign conjunction to Pluto, we have an extra kick of inspiration, perhaps born from a shadowy fear that if we don’t do something now, nothing will change. A trine from the Moon to Mars gives us extra strength and impetus to set goals that challenge us to explore new horizons. But an opposition from Black Moon Lilith in Leo plays on the terror of being ourselves, the terror of not being seen – and of being seen! Sometimes it feels like whatever we do it’s going to be wrong. There’s a horror of being left out in the cold, a renegade floundering on the fringes, ousted by the group. And yet still the skies call us to bring our unique talents to the table, be absolutely and unequivocally ourselves. Freedom comes at a price but not always in the way that we think. Be ready and willing to deeply invest in your future. Find allies for mutual support and cheerleading. Know that your soul is already free.

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Painting – Creation of the World XII by Mikalojus Konstantinas Ciurlionis