Weekly Astrology Forecast January 23 – 29, 2023

There are some soulful, spiritual vibrations to the first part of the week as Neptune conjoins priestess Vesta in Pisces. Perhaps it’s this connection to all that is otherworldly that fills us with faith and dares us to believe in ourselves. A solar sextile to Jupiter brings an opportunity for development, maybe for some, it’s a lucky break that comes out of the blue. With Venus then entering Pisces, it’s like our hearts are full, loved-up, dreamy, full of wishes.

But as we come to the end of the week. The skies press us to deal with karmic stories, old business needs attending to once and for all. The First Quarter Moon taps into the solar square to the Nodal axis. We are now halfway between eclipses, sometimes a tense time in the outer world with the potential for upheaval and violence. In our own inner world though, the upheaval comes from the need to be free from old disempowering patterns and relationships. It’s time to rise above consumerism and trying to control everything. Ask yourself, who am I? Address the emptiness within and fill it with light.  Detachment brings ascension.

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23-Jan-23 Neptune conjunct Vesta
Liminal space. A heightened awareness of what is sacred and holy. Devotion to a cause or belief. Magical inspiration. The spirit of your home.

24-Jan-23 No major aspects

25-Jan-23 Sun sextile Jupiter
Developing self-belief. Daring to have faith in the future. An opportunity for growth.

26-Jan-23 Sun sextile Juno and trine Ceres
A marriage in the making. Nurturing relationships and friendships. Being a people person. Looking for commonality rather than difference. Allies.

27-Jan-23 Venus enters    Pisces. Mercury square Chiron. Mercury opposite Pallas
A tendency towards unrequited love or love without healthy boundaries. Unconditional love. Soulful creativity. A resolution to a difficult problem. Healing conversations.

28-Jan-23 First Quarter Moon in Taurus
Security vies with freedom. Old ways versus new ways. Define what you need. Know what gives you comfort but don’t allow comfort to stop you having new experiences.

29-Jan-23 Sun square North and South Nodes
A cosmic wobble. Halfway between eclipses. A karmic test. Who am I?

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