Weekly Astrology Forecast – January 30 – February 5, 2023

It’s a week of two halves. The first part of the week is characterised by helpful aspects with fortifying and healing solar aspects to Mars and Chiron accompanied by Mercury’s innovative connection to Uranus. The latter links human mind with God mind, lower mind with higher mind. Essentially, we’re plugged in, switched on, ideas flickering, illumination, inspiration. Venus also checks in with the North Node, a gentle course correction that comes when we listen to what our heart has to say – or a nudge that we’re already moving in the right direction – keep going.

The last few days of the week though bring in some tension as the Sun squares Uranus. Some part of us is struggling to be freed. It’s a rude awakening, a frustrating interruption, a surprise turn of events that forces us to express ourselves in new ways. This story is then taken into the Full Moon in Leo with both the lights squaring Uranus. The longing for attention, freedom, a future for our children, time to laugh and play as well as chase dreams, all depends on unpredictable scenarios around material resources. Anxiety creeps in. Meanwhile the lovers, Venus and Mars are cross with one another so we may feel out of sorts, unsure of whether goals align to what we really desire or feeling that whatever we are attracted to seems to just slip through our fingers. Thankfully Goddesses Juno and Pallas are on hand to help. Honour your feelings but don’t get swept away by them. Stay focused on ideas of union and commitment. Look to where you can marry together people or projects for growth and greater future security.

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30-Jan-23 Sun trine Mars. Mercury trine Uranus
Confidence. Bravely stepping up. Inspirational ideas appear from nowhere. New topics of conversation. Play to your strengths.

31-Jan-23 No major aspects
Some discussion on Moon conjunct Mars in Gemini.

01-Feb-23 Sun sextile Chiron
Building bridges after conflict. Finding ways to help others through your personal experience of suffering. An invitation to do further healing work.

02-Feb-23 Venus sextile North Node
A gentle signal that you’re on the right path or a sweet course correction.

03-Feb-23 Ceres stations retrograde
Time to re-assess relationships. Feeling empty or unfulfilled. Explore what needs to be nurtured to bring a greater sense of harmony.

04-Feb-23 Sun square Uranus
Astrological Imbolc. Unexpected events or internal shifts prompt an awakening. Changing patterns of behaviour. Living a different life than anticipated.

05-Feb-23 Venus square Mars. Full Moon in Leo
Matters around creative self-expression and being seen and heard become acutely in focus. Stage fright. Relationship struggles. Detaching from the drama to play your part.

Painting – ‘Snowdrops in February’ by Leah Whitehorse and Midjourney AI