Weekly Astrology Forecast February 6 – 12, 2023

The skies are relatively quiet. The first part of the week sees the cosmos ask us to relax, tap into our imagination and let go of limiting ourselves. There are personal goals, dreams and wishes that need attention. We require space to grow, space to heal. The key to unlocking special skills and talents lies in committing to one’s own personal vision. Know that you are a sacred soul, worthy of investment. Treasure yourself as if you would treasure a child.

Towards the end of the week, there may be some intense conversations necessary to clear the way.  Subtle signs of evolution appear – at once heart-warming but also frustrating. It’s achingly slow and yet, this is the nature of progress. Stay alert to opportunities for healing. Allow yourself to think the unthinkable, consider the impossible, ponder the unimaginable. Sometimes it’s only when we think differently that we see a way through.

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06-Feb-23 Mercury sextile Neptune
Mental magic. Empathic communication. Endless ideas. Imaginative thinking.

07-Feb-23 No major aspects
Discussion of Moon in Virgo

08-Feb-23 Vesta enters Aries. Venus sextile Uranus. Chiron conjunct Juno
The sacred self. Relationships require space to grow. Commit to your healing journey.

09-Feb-23 No major aspects
Discussion of Moon in Libra

10-Feb-23 Mercury conjunct Pluto. Sedna stations direct.
Intense conversations. The power of words. The power of the mind. Black and white thinking. No grey areas. Transforming one’s outlook. A collective shift of consciousness.

11-Feb-23 Mercury enters Aquarius. Mars sextile Chiron
Out of the box thinking. New lines of enquiry and interest. An opportunity to connect with healers and teachers.

12-Feb-23 Mercury sextile Vesta
Mental focus. Concentrate. Future ideals depend on keeping the inner flame alive. Nurture your passion.

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