Weekly Astrology Forecast February 13 – 19, 2023

Pluto is now anaretic until it enters Aquarius next month. The background picture therefore is intense. There are acute issues connected to structures, responsibilities, authorities. All of us somewhere receive revelations as to what needs to change and what needs to be released. In the foreground, this week is characterised by two very different aspects – Venus conjunct Neptune and Sun conjunct Saturn.

Given that it’s Valentine’s day on February 14, the Venus-Neptune conjunction is welcome as it’s a kind, loving and ultra-romantic influence. It’s positively dreamy until the solar conjunction to Saturn instructs us to remove the beer googles, dismantle the pedestals, and start seeing things realistically. Whilst this might bring down some to Earth with a bump, we can use this conflicting influence productively. Believe in miracles but work hard to manifest your magic. What comes from the heart and soul will naturally find its way into the world.

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13-Feb-23 Last Quarter Moon in Scorpio
Tension between lovers and friends. One door closes, another door opens. Emotional turmoil but presenting a cool exterior.

14-Feb-23 No major aspects

15-Feb-23 Venus conjunct Neptune
Romance. An open heart. Compassion and kindness. Empathy. Starry-eyed. Beer goggles. Commune with the Goddess.

16-Feb-23 Mercury trine Ceres and square North Node. Pallas stations direct. Sun conjunct Saturn
The struggle to communicate deep feelings and fears. A problem shared is a problem halved. Emotional integrity. Personal responsibility.

17-Feb-23 No major aspects

18-Feb-23 Mercury sextile Jupiter. Sun enters Pisces
Mind expanding. Positive thinking. Extra reading material. Tackling big books. The book nook. Rest and relaxation. Reflection. Absorbing all that has happened in the last astrological year.

19-Feb-23 Venus sextile Pluto
An opportunity to deepen intimacy. Constructive changes within relationships. Facing fears from a place of love.

Seven of Swords, Radiant Rider Waite.

Painting – Reverie by Kimon Loghi