New Moon in Pisces – February 2023

The New Moon in Pisces takes place at 07:05 (UT) on February 20, 2023 at 01PIS22.

We’re languishing on the beach beside the sea of the collective unconscious. It’s been a long journey, a year travelling around the zodiac, gathering experience and wisdom, good times, bad times. If we listen carefully, we’ll hear whispers of the past, all the tears of joy and pain, rivers running to the ocean. Here are gods and monsters, heroes and villains, epic stories told for aeons passed down through the ages. We too are part of the story – interconnected, inextricably linked. We are now in liminal space between past and future, yesterday and today. Drink in this moment.

We might be forgiven for thinking that this is an easy lunation but there are challenging asteroid aspects that could take us further than we want to go into a flood of emotional content. Like wading into the deep end of the pool at school, feet scrabbling for purchase; the resulting panic makes us forget that all we need to do is lie back and float. Now we need to do the same, trust that the tide will turn and the universe will carry us. Let go of the baggage that drags you down. Wash yourself clean in these pure waters. Compassion is your anchor.

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