Weekly Astrology Forecast February 20 – 26, 2023

The Pisces New Moon is the cosmic feature of the week. It inspires us to make a fresh start in relation to matters connected to spirituality, imagination, compassion, and forgiveness. With Venus then moving into Aries though, how we relate to others shifts. Pisces is soft and sensitive and easily gives way to the wants and needs of other people. In Aries however, a strong desire to follow the heart gives us the confidence to chase whatever tickles our fancy. Relationships heat up but can also burn out if we feel that our attentions are not reciprocated fast enough. Mercury’s juddery square to Uranus brings in extra tension around communication with talk of needing space or needing a change of scene. A follow-up trine to Mars means Mercury has made his mind up and is going to act on it. Be sure of what you want before you speak up.

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20-Feb-23 New Moon in Pisces, Venus enters Aries. Mercury sextile Chiron
An imaginative new beginning. A new idea birthed from the collective unconscious. Follow your heart. Build bridges with every conversation.

21-Feb-23 Mercury square Uranus
Interruption. Mental stress. Abrupt communications. Surprising or shocking responses. Be prepared to change your mind.

22-Feb-23 Mercury trine Mars
Speak up. Make a decision. Initiation a connection. Find the facts. Assert ideas.

23-Feb-23 Saturn semi-square Chiron. Jupiter square Pallas
Healing feels like it’s taking too long. Itchy scars. Irritability. Headaches. A need for self-belief that does not ignore emotions. Problem solving without the attitude.

24-Feb-23 Venus opposite Ceres Sun sextile North Node
Self-love versus nurturing relationships. Me time versus we time. Go with the flow. Value what you have to offer.

25-Feb-23 No major aspects

26-Feb-23 Mercury sextile Juno
Talking about commitments. Meetings of unions and worker groups. Seeking agreement between people whilst honouring personal space and opinions.

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