Weekly Astrology Forecast February 27 – March 5, 2023

Venus meets Jupiter this week, a cosmic kiss from the skies, a day said to shower blessings upon us. This is a time of heart expansion, generosity, a building impetus to follow one’s joy. It’s also an excellent time to show gratitude and appreciation, to practice self-love, to hold fast to our personal values. Venus is also now involved in a building conjunction between Vesta, Chiron and Jupiter which perfects next week.

It’s an interesting juxtaposition, to have so much Aries energy during Pisces season. At times there may be questions such as, do we move forward or retreat, fight or give up, exercise or rest, initiate or wait for someone else to take the lead? Underneath it all is a push to check in with ourselves, so that we can access our intuition. Self-reliance seems to be an integral part of this picture – knowing how to be kind to oneself, even in the heat of the moment. With Saturn and Pluto also anaretic now, the background tension is acute. The world out there can feel very cold and hard so it’s even more important to understand how these energies flow through us and how we respond to them. The more we understand of our heart’s true desires, the more we know what truly matters, the greater our ability to navigate these intense cosmic waves.

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27-Feb-23 Venus conjunct Vesta. First Quarter Moon in Gemini
Sacred self-care. Centring. Let your intuition choose. Speak your dreams.

28-Feb-23 No major aspects

01-Mar-23 Venus square Pallas
Compromises between personal desires and the needs of family. Allow time for problem solving before skipping ahead

02-Mar-23 Venus conjunct Jupiter. Sun trine Pallas. Mercury conjunct Saturn. Mercury enters Pisces
A mental weight. Relax the mind to resolve tension. Generosity and gratitude work miracles. Give without thought of receiving. Make peace with the past.

03-Mar-23 Venus conjunct Chiron. Saturn semi-sextile Pluto
Commit to change. Take responsibility by letting go of what is no longer necessary. The price of freedom is discipline and structure. Let go of the fear of rejection. Heal your heart.

04-Mar-23 Hygeia enters Aquarius
Preventative measures to ward off future problems. Consider the health (mental, emotional) of the relationships in your social circle.

05-Mar-23 Mercury sextile North Node
Angel cues and clues. Spirit messages. A helping hand from the Gods.

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