Full Moon in Virgo – March 2023

The Full Moon occurs at 12:40 (UT) on March 7, 2023. The Moon will be at 16VIR40.

At the Full Moon in Virgo, issues connected to how we feel physically, emotionally and mentally are brought sharply into awareness. With the Virgo Moon opposing the Pisces Sun, we’re grappling with how to bring heaven to Earth, recreate the perfection that we sense with our souls. Given that Saturn will move into Pisces less than an hour after the peak of the lunar cycle, these themes will be ongoing for the next two and a half years. How can I realise the dream? This will be a constant refrain. There will be lessons to learn regarding how we use our imagination and perhaps a test of faith. Alongside runs Pluto’s ingress into Aquarius at the end of the month, another significant new story on the great cosmic stage. Check out my YouTube channel for more information on all these shifts.

And so here we are, on the threshold of great change. It feels like we’re staring into oblivion, lost in the beauty of the wheeling stars, filled with both wonder and dread, all manner of imaginings rising up from the unconscious. The Virgo Moon says quietly, I need to make it better, I need to help. Give me something to do! And yes, we need to be proactive, find small ways of improving daily life. Don’t let Mars bully you into hasty decisions or great sweeping gestures that leave your hands far too full for anything else. Take time to consider the details and discern exactly what you need. A quincunx from the Moon to Venus suggests that it’s easy to think that if one thing is ‘wrong’ everything is ‘wrong’. Maybe all that is necessary are small adjustments to re-establish inner harmony and wellbeing. Cleanse your mind, body, soul and environment to prepare for the road ahead. Listen for the quiet voice of your intuition for further instruction.

I posted a 37mins video exploration of this lunation over on my Patreon where I explored the chart in depth and looked at how asteroids Lilith and Prometheus connect with the Full Moon themes. Click here to join my Patreon and watch.

Image – ‘Fixing holes in the Cosmos’ (created by Leah Whitehorse with Midjourney AI)