Weekly Astrology Forecast March 6 – 12, 2023

It’s a big week in the cosmic calendar. The Virgo Full Moon accompanies Saturn’s momentous entrance into Pisces. Here he makes waves regarding our spiritual path and our sense of meaning and connection. Great themes of war and peace come into the foreground, along with a developing story about how we need to use our imagination to work for us rather than against us. It’s time for us to stop self-sabotaging – personally and collectively. Deep healing work is a necessary part of this process. Focus on the spirit body, the aura, the chakra systems, the meridians. Look deep into yourself for answers. Anchor yourself to your soul. Keep a dream diary.

Alongside this we also have the brilliant triple conjunction of Vesta, Chiron and Jupiter in Aries. Yes, life is painful at times, but there are also great gifts that land at our feet when we least expect them. Consider how you can use your personal stories to help and educate others. Awareness of strength gained from suffering is a powerful theme of this transit.  This is an energetic purification which seeks to increase passion, energy, drive, will, motivation. Tend to the inner flame. Focus on your personal healing journey. We are all learning how to have a better relationship with ourselves so that we can have a better relationship with each other.

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This Week’s Major Aspects

06-Mar-23 Sun sextile Uranus
An invitation to explore new avenues of self-expression. Try on the new you.

07-Mar-23 Full Moon in Virgo. Saturn enters Pisces
An emotional high tide that brings into the foreground issues connected to health, being of service and improving life. If we can dream it, we can do it – but first, we need a reality check. A test of faith leads to greater definition around our soul’s life mission.

08-Mar-23 No major aspects

09-Mar-23 No major aspects

10-Mar-23 Mercury trine Pallas
Peace-making conversation. Awareness of how emotional patterns from childhood can shape what we think. Rethinking what we have learned.

11-Mar-23 Pluto square Juno. Venus sextile Mars. Juno enters Taurus. Mercury sextile Uranus
Addressing fears around commitment. An energetic boost to creativity. An opportunity to act from the heart. Looking for ways to strengthen security in relationships. Find new material to study to spark new thoughts. Test new ideas.

12-Mar-23 Jupiter, Chiron, Vesta conjunction. Saturn sextile Juno
Sacred purification. Strength from suffering. Learning from pain. Understanding how to have a better relationship with ourselves. The maturing of marriage, contracts and similar unions.