Weekly Astrology Forecast April 3 – 9, 2023

We have a Full Moon in Libra this week which raises issues around our relationships. It asks that we explore whether things are running smoothly with our significant others, whether we are in balance, working in harmony with one another (and ourselves), whether we’ve compromised enough or too much. Meanwhile, Mercury bounces from conversation to conversation with other planets, joins the North Node for a karmic conflab and then enters the shadow zone of its upcoming retrograde period. It seems much of this week’s story speaks of how we communicate with one another and with ourselves. If life gets tricky, take a moment to pause and consider, what am I thinking? Listen. Welcome feedback. As Pallas completes a third and final square to Jupiter, old problems resolve when the big picture comes into view.

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03-Apr-23 Mercury enters Taurus. Mercury square Pluto
The mind is on security. Practical thinking required. Avoid obsessing and focus on what is in your control. Investigate.

04-Apr-23 No major aspects

05-Apr-23 Mercury sextile Saturn. Sun conjunct Chiron
Constructive conversation. Making plans. Shining despite your wounds. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses. Holistic healing.

06-Apr-23 Full Moon in Libra. Mercury conjunct North Node
An emotional high tide around relationships. The art of compromise and fairness. Important conversations open the door to evolution.

07-Apr-23 Venus sextile    Neptune. Mercury enters shadow zone
Kindness and compassion. Creativity, art and beauty. In touch with your muse. Spiritual love. Pay attention to matters that arise in connection with finances and resources.

08-Apr-23 Venus trine Ceres. Mercury sextile Mars
Tender as a mother’s kiss. Give your mother flowers. Honour your inner mother. Cherish what you love. An opportunity to act on ideas or speak up.

09-Apr-23 Jupiter square Pallas
A huge desire to resolve an emotional or family problem. Over-reaction. Making mountains out of molehills. Hold space for mediation and the middle path.  Rectification after an error of judgement.

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