Full Moon in Libra – April 2023

The Full Moon in Libra occurs at 05:34 (BST) on April 6, 2023. The Moon will be at 16LIB07.

With relationships in the spotlight, this is a time to explore how well we are getting along together and what we need from one another. Some of us may have compromised too much, some may have not compromised enough. A square to Pallas in Cancer means it’s easy to regress into old family patterns of relating when push comes to shove. With emotional intelligence though, we can shift the story, change the pattern, offer an olive branch if things have become heated.

Now is a time to reset the balance and find our internal equilibrium. It may not be easy because the Sun, Chiron and Jupiter in Aries demands that we stay focused on our personal mission, hit our targets, achieve the goal, win the battle. The powerful Aries desire for independence chafes with the Libran need for love and harmony. It’s important that we maintain the good grace to play fair, enjoy healthy competition and don’t fall foul of comparing ourselves too much with others. At best, this lunation suggests we champion every effort, cheer on our loved ones, work together to bring justice, fight for the rights of others. Adjust boundaries, make allies. We are stronger together. Always look for the win-win.

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Painting – Harmony and Marriage  by Theodoor van Thulden