Weekly Astrology Forecast April 17 – 23, 2023

The week ahead is short on major aspects but heavy on action, nonetheless! Eclipse season starts with a bang with an anaretic solar eclipse in Aries. It’s followed soon after by the newly ingressed Sun in Taurus forming a square to Pluto. No one alive has seen this square because the last Sun in Taurus square Pluto in Aquarius took place in the 1700’s! This is new energy that we are dealing with, and we would be wise to get our bearings before taking action. Heavy karmic influences are at play, so we need to find our footing before heading off into undiscovered territories. Mercury’s retrograde in Taurus also tells us that we need to go backwards before going forwards. Stay aligned to your soul. Focus on creating quiet in the midst of noise. Pay attention to recurring dreams and synchronicity.

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17-Apr-23 No major aspects

18-Apr-23 No major aspects

19-Apr-23 No major aspects

20-Apr-23 Solar Eclipse in Aries. Sun enters Taurus and square Pluto
An important new start. Fired up. A feeling of extreme urgency. Revelations around goals and identity. A need for calm in the face of fear. Get grounded so you can clearly see what needs to be changed.

21-Apr-23 Mercury stations retrograde
Financial reassessment and review. Taking stock. An exploration of how thoughts create reality.

22-Apr-23 No major aspects

23-Apr-23 Neptune trine Pallas
The Greater pattern. Dreams on repeat. Spiritual design. Mandalas and fractals. Invisible threads. Synchronicity. Forgiveness and peace.

Painting – Eclipse of the Sunflower by Paul Nash