Solar Eclipse in Aries – April 2023

The New Moon/Solar eclipse occurs at 05:12 (BST) on April 20, 2023. The Moon and Sun will be at 29ARI50.

This is a vibrant, fiery lunation, filled with a sense of urgency and vigour. New territory awaits. Oh, the wonder of fresh challenges, the inspiration of new goals! It feels like now or never, especially with Pluto sitting square to the lights!

But first we must steady ourselves to channel this potent energy, to receive the wisdom, to witness the revelation. Let the seed set before turning over the ground. Resist any urge to over-react. The fight, flight, freeze response is highly animated. As a rare hybrid eclipse, what we see changes depending on how we look at it, so allow for time to gather all perspectives before charging ahead – or running away!

If you have been lacking inspiration, this eclipse may light a fire within you. If you have been burning too hard, too fast, then perhaps this lunation will point out where moderation is needed. Still, in all instances, there are karmic lessons at work and both endings and beginnings are visible now.

This is a cleansing through holy fire, an extremely high frequency energy that as the potential to uplift, lighten and brighten. Have courage. Life is about to change. Be brave for the universe knows you are strong enough. Affirm ‘I Am!’ Get in touch with your inner warrior. Remember you are a creator for within you is the spark of divinity. Here is the phoenix arising from the ashes, reborn and ready for flight.


I recorded a 43mins video on this eclipse over on my Patreon where I discussed the chart in depth including discussion on Solar Saros 129, asteroid Astraea and the Sabian symbol of this eclipse ‘A Duck Pond And Its Brood.
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Painting – Phoenix by Josignacio