Weekly Astrology Forecast April 24 – 30, 2023

Mercury is now in retrograde motion in Taurus, examining how our thoughts create reality. During this stock take of our lives, the prompt is to work on our self-worth, find solutions to financial troubles and make plans for our security later down the line. A dynamic conjunction between Jupiter and Eris could magnify troubles yet at the same time give us an excellent starting point. It lights up triggers and hotspots in the psyche that have the potential to send us rocketing down the wrong path if we ignore them. But if we listen to this loud duo, amidst the chaos is clarity, truth, understanding. Jupiter scoops us up to see the big picture and reminds us that maybe this is good trouble, the kind that gets you fired up and ready to take on any challenge. We are also now halfway through eclipse season and with the First Quarter Moon landing in Leo, it may be necessary to take a few risks to get life moving again. If you’ve felt stuck, take heart because Mars sextile Uranus suggest that if you do something different, you may be pleasantly surprised by the results.

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24-Apr-23 Jupiter conjunct Eris. Mercury sextile Mars. Sun, Vesta, North Node conjunction.
Hugely triggered. Magnification of discord. Unintended consequences. A blessing in disguise. Watch for the guiding light. Use your head.

25-Apr-23 Sun sextile Saturn.
Self-discipline brings accomplishment. Long term planning. Working towards your best self. Shouldering responsibilities with grace.

26-Apr-23 Venus sextile Chiron. Neptune sextile Juno
Healing and forgiveness in relationship. A bridge over troubled waters

27-Apr-23 Mars square Chiron. First Quarter Moon in Leo. Saturn sextile Vesta.
Feeling vulnerable. Letting your guard down. Awareness of weak points. A push to take a risk to get unstuck. Sacred practice brings stability.

28-Apr-23 No major aspects
Discussion of Moon conjunct Black Moon Lilith in Leo

29-Apr-23 Mars sextile Uranus
The opportunity to do something different. The prospect of new goals brings excitement. Spontaneous action.

30-Apr-23 No major aspects
Discussion about Beltane

Tarot Card
The Wise One (The Witch’s Path).