Weekly Astrology Forecast – May 1 – 7, 2023

We’re still in a wibbly-wobbly period. Venus is now out of bounds, leading the heart to some strange places. In some ways it might be good for us to explore, to not be held captive by what we are told we should and shouldn’t like. But at the same time, maybe it’s hard to trust what is right for us, especially as Venus will square vague Neptune during the week. It’s easy to become overly enamoured, to fall in love with love, to get lost in beautiful dreams. Pluto, stationing retrograde, puts pressure on us to retreat to inner space, dig deep, find the truth. We have inner work to do now to ensure that we can enact necessary changes later down the line. And with Pluto stationary, hanging in the air like an echoing toll bell, we have the lunar eclipse in Scorpio which marks an important ending or culmination. It’s time to release old material, repay karmic debts and face fears so that we can get unstuck and take back control. Let your heart be light as you travel the low-lit path. There are surprising riches to be found here.

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01-May-23 Pluto stations retrograde
Explore your fears and deepest motivations. Shadow work.

02-May-23 Sun conjunct Mercury. Mars returns in bounds. Venus square Ceres. Juno enters Gemini. Pallas enters Leo. Pluto trine Juno
Enlightenment. Risky strategies. Living by design. Grumbles in relationships can be resolved through dialogue. Change the story. Deepen intimacy through friendship.

03-May-23 Pluto opposite Pallas
A compulsion to get everyone on side. Make peace with your shadows.

04-May-23 Venus square Neptune
Idealistic love. Unconditional love. Unrequited love. Easily led. Swept up by the muse. Super-charged creative energy.

05-May-23 Venus sextile Jupiter. Mercury conjunct Vesta. Lunar eclipse in Scorpio           Open your heart to reveal opportunities for growth. Focus your mind on what is sacred. Recite mantras or affirmations. An important culmination. Closing the door on the past.

06-May-23 Ceres stations direct
Nurturing health and wellbeing. A turn-around in a problem that has been worrying us. The pieces begin to fall into place.

07-May-23 Venus enters Cancer
Soft and sensitive. Protect what you love. Nesting. Family get-togethers. Patterns of the past at play in relationships. Regressive behaviour when feeling devalued or unloved.

Painting – Eclipse by Nicholas Roerich