Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio – May 2023

The penumbral lunar eclipse occurs at 18:34 (BST) on May 5, 2023. The Moon will be at 14SCO58. Although the Moon only passes through the Earth’s outer shadow, this is still a powerful lunation. It is the last of the eclipses in Scorpio for this cycle as the Nodes will soon move on to transit through Aries and Libra. With chart ruler Pluto stationary and the lights accompanied by Underworld Goddesses Ishtar and Hel, there is a strong propulsion to face our fears, explore our shadows and allow a transformative process to take place. We are asked to relinquish that which has held us back, kept us stuck or drained our power. Whilst the energies at first glance may seem unnerving, especially as the Moon opposes Uranus, there is also an opportunity for a radical reset, a defining moment that allows us to travel deep within and reclaim our magic. Fire, Earth, Air, Water, Spirit, here are the five elements of creation at our fingertips. Release karmic debts. Repay what was borrowed. Blow the lid on toxic secrets. Bring old stories to a conclusion. Embrace the unknown. The landscape is changing and there are new journeys to come.

I recorded a 39mins video astro-tarot reading for this lunation over on my Patreon where I discussed the chart in depth including an analysis of the asteroids along with the Sabian Symbol ‘Children Playing Around Five Mounds Of Sand’. Click here to join and watch.

Painting – ‘Children Playing Around Five Mounds Of Sand’ by Leah Whitehorse with Midjourney AI