Weekly Astrology Forecast – May 8 – 14, 2023

It’s a generally quiet week in the cosmic calendar. The Sun has its yearly meeting with Uranus, illuminating where we need a break with monotony. We may benefit from considering the question, how can I make a difference?, especially if outer world matters are troubling us. Maybe we need to change the way we think of ourselves, upgrade, overhaul our identity. Matters pertaining to personal freedom also arise with this transit. What needs to be liberated from within so that you can demonstrate your unique talents or live your purpose? Right now, a new world is being birthed and we must decide upon the part we will play. Your mission is to be more YOU.

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08-May-23 No major aspects.

09-May-23 Mars sextile Ceres. Sun conjunct Uranus
Active self-care. A personal shake up. Awakening to your purpose.

10-May-23 No major aspects

11-May-23 Venus sextile North Node
Follow your heart to open the way.

12-May-23 Pallas square Nodal Axis. Mercury sextile Saturn. Last Quarter Moon in Aquarius. Saturn square Juno.
A riskier strategy unlocks doors. Talk through long term plans. Consider to what and whom you wish to commit. Practice detachment to resolve insecurities. Look to the future but don’t lose touch with the present.

13-May-23 Mercury sextile Venus. Venus trine Saturn.
Talking about relationships. A loving conversation. A willingness to invest. Love matures. Older lovers.

14-May-23 No major aspects

Nine of Wands (Ethereal Visions deck).

Painting – Portrait of a Woman by Pierre-Auguste Renoir