Hello and welcome to Lua Astrology.

My name is Leah Whitehorse and I’m the astrologer and writer behind this site.

Here you will find posts on asteroids, Full and New Moon posts to keep you in the cosmic loop as well as articles on natal and predictive astrology. The aim of Lua Astrology is to provide you with thoughts and resources to help you explore your own chart and navigate the cosmic tides of life. I also offer chart readings here.

Daily astrology updates can be found at Lua Astrology’s Facebook Page and also on Instagram I also have a Youtube channel for ad hoc recordings.

I spent 5 years writing the forecast for The Mountain Astrologer Magazine, producing the forecast in every other issue. I have also written for Dell Horoscope and  Infinity Astrological Magazine.

About Me

  • I’m co-author of the book Spellcaster: Seven Ways to Effective Magic
  • Formally forecast writer for Mountain Astrologer Magazine
  • I’m also a tarot reader – Don’t forget to check out Lua Tarot.
  • My Ascendant Sabian Symbol is The Constellations Of Stars Shine Brilliantly In The Night Sky.
  • I have a perfect to the degree yod in my chart with Mercury in the 9th house as the apex planet.
  • I have a tattoo of the constellation of the Great Bear on my shoulder.
  • Lua means ‘Moon’ in Portuguese.



  1. I THOUGHT I recognised your name, Leah! Spellcaster is the book that I return to again and again if I need to re-centre myself about what magic truly is. I have the following underlined from your contribution: (page 18) “The world is not separate from you. You are an intricate stitch in the fabric of time. If you change the stitch you change the pattern.” I also noted that you have a Romani heritage. (My great-grandmother was Romani.)

    There is no mention in your biography in the book that you are an astrologer. How splendid! You will see that I have put a comment on the site already – about astrology when no birth time is known – and it was a Google search for “astrology birth time not known” that brought me to your site.
    Very best wishes – and of course I will return to the site.

  2. It’s lovely to hear you enjoyed our book Margarita – thank you 🙂 Yes I have Romani heritage. Although I never knew my great great grandmother, much of her belief was passed down through to my Grandmother.

  3. wow-having just had a reading with someone, and covered lility and goddesses in my chart, i stumbled upon [er, was linked to your site, actually] from another lilith article. Lo and behold, LISBON! Several years ago, i became obsessed with portugal and read anything and everything on visiting, living, etc. Timing is everything, though, and things shifted, so i lost interest. or probably just had it put on hold. It’s so obvious that it’s back, since the connection between lilith [tip of a yod, two yods in my chart intertwining] and your site is taking me to lisbon straight away. Will check back for information on your ‘readings’. Great site, btw! Thankyou!

  4. Hi Laurie
    Thanks for your comment and wow – Lisbon/Portugal connections! It’s a wonderful, magical place! So good to hear from someone who loves it too. Both Lua Astrology and In Love With Lisbon have a page on Facebook if you are interested

  5. Leah-this is doubly weird/funny….I’m back at your site(:
    I stumbled upon another astro blog [lincoln’s astrology or something like that] and I do mean stumbled, b/c I was looking up a sabian symbol meaning of taurus 18, which turned up his page, but it was really about taurus 19-but anyway, this led me to read a few of his posts, and one was about saturn in the 9th (which I also have)…i read a few comments, and one was from lua astrology. I thought, that sounds familiar-and remembered it was the portugal and lilith thing.
    Came back to your site, and how funny we also share the dream connection-I love that you do the astro dream thing, as well. That’s a great, strong and unique offering! I’m not an astrologer, just use it for my own benefit; it ebbs and flows, but I do have a strong dream work thing going on in my path. I also read your story about your Dad last time I visited, and it was eerie in some of the parallels with my own father (particularly your process relating to it over the years, not the exact specific events per se).
    Not really sure what any of this synchronicity might mean, but it’s something that is drawing my attention.
    Anyway, just saying ‘hi’ again.(: I’m not on facebook, but I do check in with a website/blog from time to time….(:

  6. Hi Laurie
    It’s lovely when synchronicity happens – and strange too Sometimes it may take a while for the meaning to come through. Yes dream work is very important to me too. I’ve had so many dreams that have helped me in so many ways! The astrological connections to dreams can be pretty amazing too.
    Good to see you here again.

  7. Just found your mercury retrograde piece on the reddits and got a wonderful, huge jolt of the synchronicities. You are now my touchstone for planetary affairs.

  8. Dear Leah,

    I am the owner of the http://katoptron.com/. I wanted to let you know that I ‘ve linked to your blog on https://www.leahwhitehorse.com/. Thanks for putting such a useful site on the Web. You can find your link here: http://www.katoptron.com/
    I would really appreciate it if you gave me a heads up if you move or change link locations, or if you post any new material that you think my website visitors could be interested in.
    Again, thank you very much for your great astrology blog.

    Best regards,

    Stephanos Economides

    PS: It would be great if you linked back to my site. Just drop me a line.

  9. First time reader and I’m loving your site. Do you have any insight about those of us with 5 or more retrogrades? I have studied astrology for many years and have never found much info about people who carry many retrogrades. Me, mercury, uranus, pluto, neptune, saturn, jupiter all retrograde. So glad to find a decent spot to discuss and read about astrology. Pamela

  10. Hi Pamela – Thanks for your comment and welcome 🙂
    5 retrogrades, that’s quite a few. Generally the energy of a retrograde planet is turned inwards. Sometimes, with this many retrogrades it can mean that you perhaps felt ‘different’ as a child and had to find your own meaning in the world and/or your own way of expressing those planetary energies. It can (depending on the rest of the chart) indicate someone who is naturally very reflective.
    It can be very interesting to see when/if these planets turn direct in the progressed chart to see if it correlates with any major shifts in your psyche.

  11. I tried to comment on your webpage alexea but the link is bad. Nevertheless your site is uncommonly well informed and written. Thank you for your obvious dedication and time. Your gift of self and generous spirit is very much apprieciated. The free healing request is another brilliant light in a dark corner. Thank you and may you be happy, healthy & free from stress and pain !

  12. Hi Mona – Thank you so much for your kind comment and for letting me know about the Alexa bad link – sorry about that but thank you for trying anyway! Your words are much appreciated 🙂

  13. Hello Lua/Leah,
    I’m sorry I messed up and left 3 messages on that other page.
    I’m curious–why are there two different pictures of you on your site?
    Thanks, Ellen

  14. Hi Leah,
    Was recommended to your site by my friend Shimara a beautiful spirit artist, just learning about the finer points of astrology but your site is geat and has wonderful information. I’m an artist too. I look forward to having a reading. and greetings from near the hill of Tara in Meath Ireland.
    Thanks christine

  15. I have been wondering what “LUA” stands for. I just noted it means Moon in thePortuguese language.
    Lovely. My daughter has beautiful hair like yours.
    You’ll hear from me soon concerning a reading. I am looking forward to it immensely.

  16. Have been stumbling across your site again and again for years now and finally taking the time to say thanks. I’ve just started an astrology blog myself and I’m beginning to realise just how much time and energy it takes! I’m enjoying reaching out and connecting with other astrologers online and of course learning from those who are more experienced. Blessings to you….

  17. Hi Leah!
    I just came across with your site and reading your posts made me feel more connected to a long forgotten spirituality and happy to have found it.

    For what I have been reading, your writings turned out to be spot on which makes me feel quite astonished but also very happy to have found someone that writes in such a honest way, with no pink rose glasses but yet considerate.
    Your writings are easy to read, fluid and self-reflective.

    I am Portuguese btw, Lua.

    A big hug from the Algarve!

  18. I have developed some facility typing people by their appearance. A certain squareness seems to correlate with fixed signs, while air signs lend a certain angularity. I was not surprised to discover fixity in your chart (sun, moon and ascendant) in light of your photograph.

    Since reading E. W. Neville’s Planets in Synastry I have acquired another tool for ‘feeling out’ people. Having experienced sex with a person whose mars fell in my 8th house (Taurus), for instance, I am able to identify this placement when someone triggers the feeling of awe and longing that are characteristic of it.* For me this is just one more corroboration that, for reasons unknown, astrologic works. It is an art that can be learned and wielded as a tool even by a non-professional, provided they can see patterns, receive vibes, and know how they receive other people’s energy. I find there are too many correlations to dismiss them as mere coincidences.

    Years ago I remember thumbing through a book of caricature-like drawings of people according to their MC placements. Without knowing it I assimilated many of the correspondences, and these now inform my intuitive typing of people.

    Two questions for you: 1)Do you think the MC is more relevant a propos physical appearance than the ascendant? And 2) is there a standard work about physical appearance and astrology you would recommend?

    * I did not realize you have this placement when I wrote this! How funny. I swear this is not a come-on! I’m a new-moon (1 degree separation) Cancer with Libra rising and homosexual. I suspect we would find each other’s company very stimulating indeed. Your venus in my 7th also suggests ‘complicity’.

  19. Hi Leah!
    I came across your site sometime beggining of this year. I’ve been studing about astrology for the last 15 years and sometimes consult on line sites i like and your’s became one of them. I felt some strange affinity with your interpretations and it almost became my favorite and seeing your chart i’ve just realized why! I too have my Sun on 1′ Tau in 9. house, Asc. Leo. Moon in the 7. just in Pisces,same Uranus Chiron opp. and could be something else too …. Up to now i never encountered other person with so many similarities so i am quite suprised. Just had to let it be known, thanks so much for your sharing

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