Astrology 2018

02-Jan-18 Full Moon in Cancer
02-Jan-18 Uranus stations direct
02-Jan-18 Mars square The Nodes
07-Jan-18 Mars conjunct Jupiter
08-Jan-18 Mars sextile Pluto
08-Jan-18 Last Quarter Moon in Libra
16-Jan-18 Jupiter sextile Pluto – one of three
17-Jan-18 New Moon in Capricorn
17-Jan-18 Mars quincunx Uranus
18-Jan-18 Mars trine Chiron
24-Jan-18 First Quarter Moon in Taurus
26-Jan-18 Mars enters Sagittarius
31-Jan-18 Lunar Eclipse in Leo

07-Feb-18 Last Quarter Moon in Scorpio
15-Feb-18 Solar Eclipse in Aquarius
16-Feb-18 Mercury conjunct Solar Eclipse degree (15th Feb)
17-Feb-18 Mars square Neptune
19-Feb-18 Mars trine North Node
23-Feb-18 First Quarter Moon in Gemini
27-Feb-18 Moon conjunct Solar Eclipse of 31st Jan 2018 – First trigger

02-Mar-18 Full Moon in Virgo
09-Mar-18 Jupiter stations retrograde
09-Mar-18 Last Quarter Moon in Sagittarius
09-Mar-18 Mercury enters shadow zone
11-Mar-18 Mars trine Uranus
14-Mar-18 Mars square Chiron
14-Mar-18 Jupiter semi-square Saturn
16-Mar-18 Neptune quincunx North Node
17-Mar-18 New Moon in Pisces
17-Mar-18 Mars enters Capricorn
20-Mar-18 Sun enters Aries/Spring Equinox
23-Mar-18 Mercury stations retrograde
24-Mar-18 First Quarter Moon in Cancer
31-Mar-18 Full Moon in Libra

02-Apr-18 Mars conjunct Saturn
08-Apr-18 Last Quarter Moon in Capricorn
09-Apr-18 Mars quincunx North Node
14-Apr-18 Jupiter sextile Pluto – two of three
14-Apr-18 Mars sextile Neptune
15-Apr-18 Mercury stations direct
16-Apr-18 New Moon in Aries
17-Apr-18 Chiron enters Aries
18-Apr-18 Saturn stations retrograde
22-Apr-18 Pluto stations retrograde
22-Apr-18 First Quarter Moon in Leo
24-Apr-18 Mars sextile Jupiter
26-Apr-18 Mars conjunct Pluto
30-Apr-18 Full Moon in Scorpio

03-May-18 Mercury exits shadow zone
05-May-18 Ceres conjunct lunar eclipse degree (31st Jan)
08-May-18 Last Quarter Moon in Aquarius
12-May-18 Mars enters shadow zone
15-May-18 New Moon in Taurus
15-May-18 Uranus enters Taurus
16-May-18 Mars enters Aquarius
16-May-18 Mars square Uranus
20-May-18 Mars sextile Chiron
22-May-18 First Quarter Moon in Virgo
22-May-18 Jupiter sesquiquadrate Chiron
25-May-18 Jupiter trine Neptune – two of three
27-May-18 Grand trine begins between Venus, Jupiter and Neptune – until 6th June
29-May-18 Full Moon in Sagittarius
29-May-18 Saturn enters orb of a square to Chiron (no further exact aspects) until 19th October 2018
29-May-18 Mars direct conjunct lunar eclipse degree (27th July)
30-May-18 Saturn enters the orb of a trine with Uranus (no further exact aspects) until 11th November 2018

06-Jun-18 Last Quarter Moon in Pisces
08-Jun-18 Mars conjunct South Node
12-Jun-18 T-Square – Mercury, Saturn, Chiron – until 16th June
13-Jun-18 New Moon in Gemini
16-Jun-18 Uranus semi-square Neptune
17-Jun-18 Grand Trine – Mercury, Jupiter, Neptune – until 23rd June
18-Jun-18 T-Square – Sun, Chiron, Saturn – until 30th June
19-Jun-18 Neptune stations retrograde
20-Jun-18 First Quarter Moon in Virgo
21-Jun-18 Sun enters Cancer/Summer Solstice
23-Jun-18 Venus conjunct lunar eclipse degree (31st Jan)
26-Jun-18 Mars stations retrograde
28-Jun-18 Full Moon in Capricorn

04-Jul-18 Mercury, Mars, Jupiter T-Square – until 8th July
05-Jul-18 Chiron stations retrograde
06-Jul-18 Last Quarter Moon in Aries
07-Jul-18 Mercury direct conjunct lunar eclipse degree (31st Jan)
07-Jul-18 Mercury enters shadow zone
10-Jul-18 Jupiter stations direct
13-Jul-18 Solar Eclipse in Cancer
15-Jul-18 Mercury direct conjunct solar eclipse degree (31st Aug)
16-Jul-18 Uranus semi-sextile Chiron
19-Jul-18 First Quarter Moon in Libra
19-Jul-18 Sun, Mars, Uranus T-square – until 31st July
20-Jul-18 Mars conjunct South Node
25-Jul-18 Mars Rx conjunct lunar eclipse degree (27th Jul)
26-Jul-18 Mercury stations retrograde
27-Jul-18 Lunar eclipse in Aquarius

02-Aug-18 Mars square Uranus
04-Aug-18 Venus, Saturn, Chiron T-square – until 14th Aug
04-Aug-18 Mars sextile Chiron
04-Aug-18 Last Quarter Moon in Taurus
04-Aug-18 Sun conjunct lunar eclipse degrees (31st Jan)
06-Aug-18 Mercury Rx conjunct solar eclipse degree (11th Aug)
07-Aug-18 Uranus stations retrograde
11-Aug-18 Solar eclipse in Leo
13-Aug-18 Mars Rx re-enters Capricorn
13-Aug-18 Saturn in orb of trine to Uranus (no further exact aspects) until 6th Sep
18-Aug-18 First Quarter Moon in Scorpio
18-Aug-18 Mercury Rx conjunct lunar eclipse degree (31st Jan)
19-Aug-18 Mercury stations direct
19-Aug-18 Jupiter trine Neptune – three of three
20-Aug-18 Mercury direct conjunct lunar eclipse degree (31st Jan)
23-Aug-18 Sun, Saturn, Uranus Grand Trine – until 1st Sep
25-Aug-18 Jupiter sesquiquadrate Chiron
26-Aug-18 Full Moon in Pisces
27-Aug-18 Mars stations direct
29-Aug-18 Mercury direct conjunct solar eclipse degree (11th August)

02-Sep-18 Venus, Mars, Uranus T-square – until 24th Sep
02-Sep-18 Mercury exits shadow zone
03-Sep-18 Last Quarter Moon in Gemini
03-Sep-18 Jupiter semi-square Saturn
03-Sep-18 Venus enters shadow zone
06-Sep-18 Saturn stations direct
06-Sep-18 Mercury, Uranus, Saturn Grand Trine- until 10th Sep
09-Sep-18 New Moon in Virgo
11-Sep-18 Mars direct re-enters Aquarius
12-Sep-18 Jupiter sextile Pluto – three of three
13-Sep-18 Mars sextile Chiron
17-Sep-18 First Quarter Moon in Sagittarius
18-Sep-18 Sun, Saturn, Chiron T-square until 1st Oct
19-Sep-18 Mars square Uranus
20-Sep-18 Mercury, Saturn, Chiron T-Square – until 26th Sep
23-Sep-18 Sun enters Libra/Autumn Equinox
25-Sep-18 Full Moon in Aries
26-Sep-18 Chiron Rx re-enters Pisces
26-Sep-18 Mars conjunct South Node
27-Sep-18 Mars direct conjunct lunar eclipse degree (27th July)

01-Oct-18 Pluto stations direct
02-Oct-18 Last Quarter Moon in Cancer
05-Oct-18 Venus stations retrograde
07-Oct-18 Saturn quincunx North Node
08-Oct-18 Mars exits shadow zone
09-Oct-18 New Moon in Libra
16-Oct-18 First Quarter Moon in Capricorn
19-Oct-18 End of Saturn square Chiron
24-Oct-18 Full Moon in Taurus
29-Oct-18 Mercury enters shadow zone
31-Oct-18 Last Quarter Moon in Leo

01-Nov-18 Jupiter trine Chiron
06-Nov-18 Uranus square The Nodes
06-Nov-18 South Node enters Capricorn
06-Nov-18 North Node enters Cancer
06-Nov-18 Uranus Rx re-enters Aries
07-Nov-18 Jupiter trine North Node
07-Nov-18 New Moon in Scorpio
08-Nov-18 Jupiter quincunx Uranus
08-Nov-18 Jupiter enters Sagittarius
11-Nov-18 End of Saturn trine Uranus
11-Nov-18 Mars direct conjunct solar eclipse degree (15th Feb)
14-Nov-18 Mars quincunx North Node
15-Nov-18 Mars sextile Uranus
15-Nov-18 First Quarter Moon in Aquarius
15-Nov-18 Mars enters Pisces
16-Nov-18 Venus stations direct
17-Nov-18 Mercury stations retrograde
20-Nov-18 Mars square Jupiter
23-Nov-18 Full Moon in Gemini
25-Nov-18 Neptune stations direct
27-Nov-18 Mars sextile Saturn
29-Nov-18 Jupiter semi-square Pluto
30-Nov-18 Last Quarter Moon in Virgo

02-Dec-18 Chiron trine North Node
06-Dec-18 Mercury stations direct
07-Dec-18 New Moon in Sagittarius
07-Dec-18 Mars conjunct Neptune
09-Dec-18 Chiron stations direct
15-Dec-18 Uranus semi-square Neptune
15-Dec-18 First Quarter Moon in Pisces
17-Dec-18 Mars sextile Pluto
18-Dec-18 Venus exits shadow zone
21-Dec-18 Sun enters Capricorn/Winter Solstice
22-Dec-18 Full Moon in Cancer
24-Dec-18 Mercury exits shadow zone
27-Dec-18 Mars trine North Node
27-Dec-18 Jupiter semi-sextile Saturn
29-Dec-18 Mars conjunct Chiron
29-Dec-18 Last Quarter Moon in Libra