Astrology 2021

Below is a list of all the astrological events occurring in 2021. The first part is sorted by category, the second part sorted by date. I will be talking about the major movements each month in my monthly forecast. Weekly forecast are also available over on my Patreon.


Click here for the full list showing times and degrees of the lunations
13-Jan-21 New Moon
28-Jan-21 Full Moon
11-Feb-21 New Moon
27-Feb-21 Full Moon
13-Mar-21 New Moon
28-Mar-21 Full Moon
12-Apr-21 New Moon
27-Apr-21 Full Moon
11-May-21 New Moon
26-May-21 Lunar Eclipse
10-Jun-21 Solar Eclipse
24-Jun-21 Full Moon
10-Jul-21 New Moon
24-Jul-21 Full Moon
08-Aug-21 New Moon
22-Aug-21 Full Moon
07-Sep-21 New Moon
21-Sep-21 Full Moon
06-Oct-21 New Moon
20-Oct-21 Full Moon
04-Nov-21 New Moon
19-Nov-21 Lunar Eclipse
04-Dec-21 Solar Eclipse
19-Dec-21 Full Moon

26-May-21 Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius
10-Jun-21 Solar Eclipse in Gemini
19-Nov-21 Lunar Eclipse in Taurus
04-Dec-21 Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius


Mercury Retrograde
30-Jan-21 Mercury stations retrograde
21-Feb-21 Mercury stations direct
29-May-21 Mercury stations retrograde
22-Jun-21 Mercury stations direct
27-Sep-21 Mercury stations retrograde
18-Oct-21 Mercury stations direct

Venus Retrograde
19-Dec-21 Venus stations retrograde

Jupiter Retrograde
20-Jun-21 Jupiter stations retrograde
18-Oct-21 Jupiter stations direct

Saturn Retrograde
23-May-21 Saturn stations retrograde
11-Oct-21 Saturn stations direct

14-Jan-21 Uranus stations direct
20-Aug-21 Uranus stations retrograde

25-Jun-21 Neptune stations retrograde
01-Dec-21 Neptune stations direct

27-Apr-21 Pluto stations retrograde
06-Oct-21 Pluto stations direct

15-Jul-21 Chiron stations retrograde
19-Dec-21 Chiron stations direct



04-Jan-21 Mercury returns in bounds (since December 12, 2020)
06-Jan-21 Last Quarter Moon in Libra
06-Jan-21 Mars enters Taurus
08-Jan-21 Mercury enters Aquarius
08-Jan-21 Venus enters Capricorn
11-Jan-21 Jupiter sextile Chiron
13-Jan-21 New Moon in Capricorn
13-Jan-21 Mars square Saturn
14-Jan-21 Uranus stations direct
17-Jan-21 Jupiter square Uranus
19-Jan-21 Sun enters Aquarius
20-Jan-21 Mars conjunct Uranus
20-Jan-21 First Quarter Moon in Taurus
23-Jan-21 Mars square Jupiter
26-Jan-21 Neptune square North Node
26-Jan-21 Neptune square South Node
28-Jan-21 Full Moon in Leo
30-Jan-21 Mercury stations retrograde


01-Feb-21 Venus enters Aquarius
04-Feb-21 Last Quarter Moon in Scorpio
09-Feb-21 Saturn sextile Chiron
11-Feb-21 New Moon in Aquarius
14-Feb-21 Mars sextile Neptune
17-Feb-21 Saturn square Uranus
18-Feb-21 Sun enters Pisces
19-Feb-21 First Quarter Moon in Gemini
21-Feb-21 Mercury stations direct
25-Feb-21 Mars trine Pluto
25-Feb-21 Venus enters Pisces
26-Feb-21 Jupiter trine North Node
27-Feb-21 Full Moon in Virgo


04-Mar-21 Mars enters Gemini
06-Mar-21 Last Quarter Moon in Sagittarius
13-Mar-21 New Moon in Pisces
15-Mar-21 Mercury enters Pisces
18-Mar-21 Mars sextile Chiron
20-Mar-21 Sun enters Aries
21-Mar-21 Venus enters Aries
21-Mar-21 First Quarter Moon in Cancer
21-Mar-21 Mars out of Bounds
22-Mar-21 Mars trine Saturn
26-Mar-21 Mars conjunct North Node
28-Mar-21 Full Moon in Libra


04-Apr-21 Mercury enters Aries
04-Apr-21 Last Quarter Moon in Capricorn
09-Apr-21 Mars square Neptune
10-Apr-21 Saturn trine North Node
12-Apr-21 New Moon in Aries
14-Apr-21 Venus enters Taurus
17-Apr-21 Mars trine Jupiter
19-Apr-21 Mercury enters Taurus
19-Apr-21 Sun enters Taurus
20-Apr-21 First Quarter Moon in Leo
23-Apr-21 Mars enters Cancer
27-Apr-21 Full Moon in Scorpio
27-Apr-21 Pluto stations retrograde


03-May-21 Last Quarter Moon in Aquarius
04-May-21 Mercury enters Gemini
05-May-21 Jupiter anaretic
06-May-21 Chiron sextile North Node
07-May-21 Mercury out of bounds
09-May-21 Venus enters Gemini
11-May-21 New Moon in Taurus
11-May-21 Mars square Chiron
12-May-21 Mars sextile Uranus
13-May-21 Jupiter enters Pisces
19-May-21 First Quarter Moon in Leo
20-May-21 Sun enters Gemini
23-May-21 Saturn stations retrograde
23-May-21 Venus out of bounds
24-May-21 Mars return in bounds
26-May-21 Lunar eclipse in Sagittarius
29-May-21 Mercury stations retrograde
30-May-21 Mercury returns in bounds
31-May-21 Mars trine Neptune


02-Jun-21 Venus enters Cancer
02-Jun-21 Last Quarter Moon in Pisces
05-Jun-21 Mars opposite Pluto
10-Jun-21 Solar eclipse in Gemini
11-Jun-21 Mars enters Leo
14-Jun-21 Saturn square Uranus
18-Jun-21 First Quarter Moon in Virgo
18-Jun-21 Venus returns in bounds
20-Jun-21 Jupiter stations retrograde
21-Jun-21 Sun enters Cancer
22-Jun-21 Mercury stations direct
24-Jun-21 Saturn sextile Chiron
24-Jun-21 Full Moon in Capricorn
25-Jun-21 Neptune stations retrograde
27-Jun-21 Venus enters Leo
28-Jun-21 Mars sextile North Node


01-Jul-21 Mars opposite Saturn
01-Jul-21 Last Quarter Moon in Aries
02-Jul-21 Mars trine Chiron
04-Jul-21 Mars square Uranus
10-Jul-21 New Moon in Cancer
11-Jul-21 Mercury enters Cancer
15-Jul-21 Chiron stations retrograde
17-Jul-21 First Quarter Moon in Libra
22-Jul-21 Venus enters Virgo
22-Jul-21 Sun enters Leo
24-Jul-21 Full Moon in Aquarius
28-Jul-21 Mercury enters Leo
28-Jul-21 Jupiter re-enters Aquarius
28-Jul-21 Jupiter Rx anaretic
29-Jul-21 Mars opposite Jupiter
29-Jul-21 Mars enters Virgo
31-Jul-21 Last Quarter Moon in Taurus


06-Aug-21 Jupiter Rx exits anaretic degree
08-Aug-21 New Moon in Leo
11-Aug-21 Mars square North Node
11-Aug-21 Mars square South Node
11-Aug-21 Mercury enters Virgo
15-Aug-21 First Quarter Moon in Scorpio
16-Aug-21 Venus enters Libra
20-Aug-21 Uranus stations retrograde
22-Aug-21 Mars trine Uranus
22-Aug-21 Full Moon in Aquarius
22-Aug-21 Sun enters Virgo
30-Aug-21 Mercury enters Libra
30-Aug-21 Last Quarter Moon in Gemini


02-Sep-21 Mars opposite Neptune
06-Sep-21 Mars trine Pluto
07-Sep-21 New Moon in Virgo
10-Sep-21 Venus enters Scorpio
13-Sep-21 First Quarter Moon in Sagittarius
15-Sep-21 Mars enters Libra
20-Sep-21 Full Moon in Pisces
21-Sep-21 Mars trine North Node
22-Sep-21 Sun enters Libra
25-Sep-21 Mars trine Saturn
27-Sep-21 Mercury stations retrograde
29-Sep-21 Last Quarter Moon in Cancer


01-Oct-21 Mars opposite Chiron
06-Oct-21 New Moon in Libra
06-Oct-21 Pluto stations direct
07-Oct-21 Venus enters Sagittarius
09-Oct-21 Venus out of bounds
11-Oct-21 Saturn stations direct
13-Oct-21 First Quarter Moon in Capricorn
18-Oct-21 Jupiter stations direct
18-Oct-21 Mercury stations direct
19-Oct-21 Mars trine Jupiter
20-Oct-21 Full Moon in Aries
22-Oct-21 Mars square Pluto
23-Oct-21 Sun enters Scorpio
28-Oct-21 Last Quarter Moon in Leo
30-Oct-21 Mars enters Scorpio


04-Nov-21 New Moon in Scorpio
05-Nov-21 Venus enters Capricorn
05-Nov-21 Mercury enters Scorpio
10-Nov-21 Mars square Saturn
11-Nov-21 First Quarter Moon in Aquarius
17-Nov-21 Mars opposite Uranus
19-Nov-21 Lunar Eclipse in Taurus
22-Nov-21 Sun enters Sagittarius
24-Nov-21 Mercury enters Sagittarius
27-Nov-21 Saturn sextile Chiron
27-Nov-21 Last Quarter Moon in Virgo
29-Nov-21 Mars trine Neptune


01-Dec-21 Neptune stations direct
02-Dec-21 Mercury out of bounds
04-Dec-21 Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius
06-Dec-21 Mars sextile Pluto
07-Dec-21 Venus returns in bounds
08-Dec-21 Mars square Jupiter
11-Dec-21 First Quarter Moon in Pisces
13-Dec-21 Mars enters Sagittarius
13-Dec-21 Mercury enters Capricorn
15-Dec-21 Mars conjunct South Node
19-Dec-21 Full Moon in Gemini
19-Dec-21 Venus stations retrograde
19-Dec-21 Chiron stations direct
21-Dec-21 Sun enters Capricorn
24-Dec-21 Saturn square Uranus
25-Dec-21 Mars trine Chiron
27-Dec-21 Last Quarter Moon in Libra
28-Dec-21 Mercury returns in bounds
29-Dec-21 Jupiter enters Pisces
30-Dec-21 Mars sextile Saturn