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Astrology and World Events

The Astrology of the Greece Crisis

Acropolis of Athens
Realising that the people of Greece are voting today, I decided to have a quick look at the chart. I loaded up the first chart listed on my astrology program and was amazed by the extraordinary transits that are occurring so I just wanted...

Robin Williams – The Astrology of Crisis

I cried when I heard the news. Robin Williams was one of my favourite actors. Yes there are terrible things going on in the world, yes there are suicides every day. But sometimes, a single person's crisis just touches you deeply because it reaches...

The Woman in Black – A Lilith Story

I saw a news item today that shrieked of Black Moon Lilith to me. In fact, I've been sensing her strongly recently. Perhaps it's because she's in Leo and therefore endlessly ghosting across my Ascendant, back and forth she flies up into my face....

Iraq and the Cancer Ingress Chart

I've been thinking about Iraq. In mundane astrology, this is the time of year where we look to see how the Cancer ingress chart might manifest in the world. This is done by casting the chart of the ingress from different places around the...

The Astrology of the Boston Bombings

I heard about the bombings yesterday via Facebook when an astrologer asked what time they had occurred. I quickly skipped to the news and then spent the next hour glued to the reports of horrific injuries and loss of life. Nothing can justify or truly...

Full Moon in Taurus November 2011 – It’s All Greek to Me

The Full Moon in Taurus occurs at 20:16 (UT time) at 18TAU05 on the 10th November 2011. There are some rather startling correlations to the current financial climate in this month's Full Moon. The Full Moon is conjunct fixed star Rucha and opposite asteroid Europa. The lights do not...

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