February 2017 Astrology Forecast

As I begin writing, I can hear the helicopters overhead and the echoing cries of around 5000 protesters outside the town hall just up the road from where I live. People here and across the UK are showing their displeasure at the current political...

January 2017 Astrology Forecast

Happy New Year! January 2017 starts on a very quiet note with Mars conjunct Neptune in Pisces on the 1st January. This is hangover central so if people have been out celebrating the ringing in of the new year the night before, there could...

December 2016 Astrology Forecast

December begins on a quiet, even sorrowful note as the confusing Sun-Neptune square on the 1st December coincides with Chiron stationing direct in Pisces. Chiron's journey through this sign is examining the pain of disconnection and loss and whilst The Wounded Healer has been...

November 2016 Astrology Forecast

Juno enters Sagittarius on the 6th November spicing relationships with a carefree approach and a need for intellectual stimulation. Juno dislikes being hemmed in here so conflicts can stem from feeling stifled. Outside of the sphere of romance, we may be looking to making...

October 2016 Astrology Forecast

The New Moon in Libra on the 1st October is conjunct Jupiter and introduces the upcoming square between Jupiter and Pluto. Right now, these two big players are out of orb of the square but the Moon is connecting the dots. Emotionally now, it's...

Jupiter enters Libra 2016 – Video

Jupiter enters Libra on the 9th September 2016 and will remain in this sign until 10th October 2017. In this video I discuss the symbolism of Jupiter and Libra and talk about the passage of Jupiter through Libra - what it may mean for...

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