Jupiter Meets Uranus – Book Review

Some weeks ago I was delighted to receive a review copy of "Jupiter meets Uranus: From Erotic Bathing to Star Gazing" which I featured here on Lua on the 21st May. As Mars has recently been crashing through my 10th house, life has been...

Jupiter Meets Uranus – Newly Published

"Jupiter and Uranus meet every fourteen years. When they do, revolution and innovation  join forces with restless exploration and the quest for knowledge.The result is always exciting, educational and unpredictable. Or is it ?" There's a definate buzz around a new book on the block....

Making The Gods Work For You – Caroline Casey

Caroline Casey describes the branch of astrology she practices as "Visionary Activist Astrology". A well known keynote speaker and astrological political commentator in the US, Casey's catch phrase is "Imagination lays the tracks for the Reality Train to follow". I wasn't sure what to expect...

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