Lunar Eclipse in Pisces September 2016 – Holy Water

The Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse occurs at 19:05 (UT) on the 16th September 2016 at 24°Pi19'. The Lunar Eclipse in Pisces is an emotional high tide. It makes me think of being on a surfboard, scudding across a beast of a wave as the crest begins...

Solar Eclipse in Virgo September 2016 – Dis-ease

The Solar Eclipse/New Moon in Virgo occurs at 09:03 (UT) on the 1st September 2016 at 09°Vi21'. Generally, the New Moon in Virgo is a time to plant seeds to create practical improvements in our lives. Virgo encourages us to up our skill-set, to be...

Lunar Eclipse in Libra March 2016 – Decisions

The Lunar eclipse occurs at 12:00 (UT) on the 23rd March 2016 at 03°Li17'. As the Earth's shadow falls across the face of the Moon, we're pulled back down to earth, grounded, realised. Lunar eclipses have a way of revealing that which was not known...

Solar Eclipse in Pisces March 2016 – Purification

The Solar Eclipse occurs at 01:54 on the 9th March at 18°Pi55'. When I was young, I used to have dreams of standing on a beautiful beach, gazing out to sea. The sea was a deep blue, clear to the very depths. Giant shells glistened...

Lunar Eclipse in Aries September 2015 – Ascending

The Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon occurs at 02:50 (UT) on the 28th September 2015 at 04°ARI40' - The Harvest Moon eclipse is the last in a tetrad - a series of four total lunar eclipses. This is also a Supermoon so as the Moon appears bigger...

Solar Eclipse in Virgo September 2015 – Chronic

The Solar Eclipse occurs at 06:41 (UT) on the 13th September 2015 at 20°VIR10'. This partial eclipse will be visible only from South Africa, Antarctica and places in the Indian and Atlantic ocean. The eclipse belongs to Saros cycle 125 which began way back in...

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