Minor Planets

Asteroid Sisyphus

Asteroid Sisyphus was discovered on the 5th December 1972 at 02:28 by Paul Wild at Zimmerwald observatory in Bern, Switzerland. The largest of the Apollo asteroids, Sisyphus is an Earth-crosser meaning that it’s passage through the sky takes it through Earth’s orbit. There is no suggestion currently that this could mean a collision! The orbital

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Asteroid Angel

Asteroid Angel was discovered by C.S. Shoemaker and D.H.Levy (yes the ones after which the Levy-Shoemaker comet was named which famously crashed into Jupiter in 1994). The date of discovery of Angel was June 4th 1992 at Palomar Observatory in San Diego, California. Angel has an orbital period of approximately 5.7 years. Numerology The asteroid’s number

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